12 Interesting Facts About Air Travel and Airplane


When we see an airplane flying overhead, landing or taking off, many questions involuntarily arise in the head. How does such a huge and heavy machine rise into the air? And why doesn’t it fall? Why, when approaching a landing, do they demand to turn off the lighting and raise the window shade? What if lightning strikes? Today we will try to answer such interesting questions.

1. Why does the plane leave a white trail?

Motors warm up to high temperatures. Water vapor comes out of them, therefore, looking at the flying plane, we see a trail of condensation trailing behind it. You can se a similar effect in cold weather, when steam comes out of the mouth.

2. The plane cannot explode from a lightning strike

Even in theory. Spark discharges of different voltages are constantly passing through the atmosphere. Therefore, aircraft designers take care and make aircrafts of safe materials.

3. There is no “safe place” on board

Several studies show that aft passengers are more likely to survive. However, the US Civil Aviation Center argues that safe places can be equally at the tail and at the bow of the vessel, or not at all. Depends on the situation.

4. Stewards have a secret room

They need such premises for recreation. This is especially true for aircrafts that fly for many hours. The room is quite spacious and is designed for 6-10 persons. Stewards can calmly rest in silence there, and no one will disturb them. Flight attendants are people too, and the comfort of passengers depends on their morale.

5. If one engine fails, the plane will fly on the second one

For some time the board is able to maintain the flight mode with one engine running. But only to the nearest airport. All routes are designed so that there is a runway nearby and pilots have the opportunity to make an emergency landing.

6. During takeoff and landing, turn off the light in the cabin

This is a necessary security measure. Coming in for landing in the dark, the lights are turned off on board, and the window shade must be raised. Thus, the eyes of passengers have time to get used to the darkness in case of an emergency evacuation, and people will not stumble over each other when leaving the board.

7. Smoking is prohibited on board, but ashtrays are installed in the toilets. What for?

The ashtray is for those who decide to break the rules and smoke. It is believed that it is better to extinguish a cigarette than to throw it down the toilet, otherwise the smoke detector will work. The violator will face a large fine or even a ban on using the air carrier’s services.

8. In flight, food is always tasteless and unsalted

The point is the difference in atmospheric pressure. Human taste buds do not have time to adapt to changing conditions, so the sensations are different. It takes more seasoning to make the food seem ordinary. However if tasted on the ground, the food will seem very salty.

9. Why make a gap in the porthole?

The porthole is a three-layer glass unit. The plane is experiencing huge pressure and temperature differences – this is a fact. This cavity protects the acrylic panels from deterioration and fogging.

10. Exactly 15 minutes breathing

The oxygen mask only help to breathe for such a short period. This exact time is sufficient for the pilot to descend to a breathable altitude without a mask.

11. Special tires

Aircraft tires are extremely durable and can withstand 38 tons (76000 pounds). The rubber is replaced every 500 landings. It is difficult to imagine what kind of pressure the wheels experience when a multi-ton airplane lands at high speed.
Airplane tire pressure is 6 times higher than the pressure required for car tires. Before each flight, technicians check the pressure, and if necessary, change the wheels using a device similar to a car jack, only in larger sizes.

12. Why is it better to book transfers from and to the airport

Would you like to organize someone’s trip? You will need to meet a person at the airport, take him to the hotel and not spend a fortune. Anyone who has flown an airplane knows the cost of a taxi. That is why it is a good idea to find a cheaper way to get to the airport and come back home. You can ask your relative a friend to take you to the airport and come for you after or you can use a train service, which is quite common in cities.

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12 Interesting Facts About Air Travel and Airplane
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