John F. Kennedy. Biography, Facts, Assassination

John F. Kennedy Jacqueline Lee Bouvier kids family

John Fitzgerald Kennedy had a long political and military career and became the 35th President of the United States of America. Like many people of his era, he experienced many crucial events. Kennedy also captured himself in the memory of the American people as a promising and far-sighted politician.

Kennedy also left humanity one of the most scandalous riddles of the past twentieth century – his own murder

What was this amazing and so important person for modern political history?

Kennedy childhood

The stories about the fighters for justice and a pure political game who have risen from the bottom have nothing to do with John. The boy was very lucky to be born in quite a hectic time in a very wealthy family on May 29 in 1917. His family was supposedly like a model of the “American dream” of that time.

His father was not only a notorious person, but also a millionaire and a diplomat Joseph Kennedy

Thanks to his father, John Fitzgerald Kennedy started his glorious political career.Afterwards he became one of the best politician ever in the whole world history.

Meanwhile his mother Rosa Fitzgerald, whose name the president wears as a second, was an exemplary mother of the family. That’s why she  influenced the boy greatly.

The future president’s family was quite big: including him, the Kennedy couple had 9 children

Of course, with such financial well-being, the children did not have any difficulties, living in the best conditions kids could only dream of.

John F. Kennedy health

John Kennedy was, despite all the benefits available to him, a very weak and frail boy. Once he almost died of scarlet fever, an acute infectious disease. No one could treat it like many diseases at the beginning of the last century.

Such boys with a poor health are usually docile in nature, have a desire to learn and attachment to the home, especially to the mother. However, John could easily break such stereotype.

He went to school reluctantly, preferring sports and a variety of rebellious fun with his mates. Partly because of this in the bosom of his family he had a toughie nickname of Jack.

Contemporaries remember him as a roughneck and ready-to-fight boy, but they don’t endow him with special negative characteristics. Nevertheless, the boy changed six schools, mainly due to frequent family relocations.

Education of the future president

After a stormy childhood, John, as it happens in each good, respected and wealthy family, entered Harvard University. Then he moved to Priston University for health reasons.

In general, the young man’s pain has not disappeared anywhere, continuing to cause him trouble at all stages of his life.

Doctors for a long time thought that young Kennedy had leukemia

However, later it turned out that this assumption was erroneous. During his studies, the future president of the United States was fonf of economics and related sciences (especially politics).

To Harvard, he, however, returned later and even graduated from it with honors, as his mental abilities were well above average, according to proffesors.

In addition to studying, he had an interest in the social and political spheres of life, traveled and was even accepted by the Pope himself

The amazing youth of this man was not interrupted by illnesses and other troubles due not only to his father’s money, but also to his own willful character and bright charisma. The young man was honest and purposeful, his parents did not spoil him by a good and wealthy life.

In 1940, his studies brilliantly ended and smoothly flowed into the next significant stage of his life.

Military career

The largest military-political conflict of the twentieth century engaged John not by accident. Despite the state of his health and the possibility of not serving in the army during the Second World War, the young man still made a volitional decision to participate in the fate of his country, like hundreds of thousands of his coevals around the world.

In addition, his participation in the war was not a simple formality in order to clear his conscience

Although the future President Kennedy held a commander’s position and did not begin his service as a simple soldier, his colleagues noted his exceptional bravery, ingenuity and sincerely benevolent attitude towards his subordinates.

The story of how John personally delivered the wounded soldier by swimming to the shore after the attack of the Japanese on the torpedo boat was especially famous.

The war was not without loss: Kennedy’s elder brother died who was a military pilot (the rest of the children in the family were younger than the future president), because of this all the duties of the eldest son in the big family fell on his shoulders. Having worked a little as a journalist, he finally decided to make his way into big politics.

Kennedy’s political career

Becoming a president of the United States of America is an extremely difficult task. Before getting his post and becoming the youngest president in the history of the country, Kennedy built a significant political career. At first, he was worked 3 terms as a congressman, then had a double election to the Senate. From the beginning of 1946, all it took him 14 years of productive political work, as a result of which he was noticed by the majority of democrats in the country and nominated as a candidate for the post of head of state (1960). The following year he took up his duties.

Unfortunately, we know that he held his post for a short time (until 1963). His career and life differ in speed and brightness. Despite the small amount of time that the future killer measured him, the political talents and human qualities of Kennedy became one of the promenent presidents in the American hictory.

Everyone remarked his humanity, determination and intelligence

They helped him to have a bright and glorious career, popular love and eternal memory as a fair-minded and respactable leader.

Kennedy didn’t like the constant tension between the leading countries, negative about military actions. He was against all conflicts after the bitter lesson of World War II. With exceptionally reasonable arguments and prestige, he achieved a ban on nuclear testing, as it also had a terrible effect on the ecological situation. The Peace Corps is also entirely his merit. In the interests of the 35th President was the preservation of peace and order in all areas that he touched.

Personal life of John Kennedy

As a decent man, Kennedy got married. His fiance Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was the subject of his courtship for quite a long time.
John was conquering the heart of his future wife originally and in his own style. Instead of buying her lovely trinkets, sweets and flowers, Jacqueline often received books. Kennedy also bought her other things that himself found informative and useful.

John met Jacqueline, who was 12 years younger than he was, in 1951, tha age gap didn’t stop them and they got married in two years.
The wedding did not go unnoticed by the Pope. He honored the senator with his attention and favor, sending a blessing for his wedding day.

The Kennedy family continued the tradition of having many children – the president and the first lady had four children

Unfortunately, only two survived – son John Kennedy, Jr. and daughter Caroline.

Despite the seemingly happy family life, which was an example for millions of American, it was no secret that politician with changeable and ardent nature used to betray his wife throughout the whole marriage.

The children followed in the footsteps of their successful father. The son chose one of his past professions – journalism, and also practiced law. Unfortunately, he died in a plane crash, before he even was forty.

Daughter had everything to have a political fate. Caroline Kennedy had a PhD in law. She is a very successfully author, attorney, and diplomat who served as the United States Ambassador to Japan from 2013 to 2017. She is a prominent member of the Kennedy family and the only surviving child of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

Kennedy’s Famous Mistresses

Among his mistresses came across famous personalities, real icons of the time, and even colleagues in diplomatic matters. For example, he had a romance with a high-ranking employee of the Belgian embassy Pamela Turner. Also he had affair with a real Swedish aristocrat Gunilla von Post, and world famous actress Judith Campbell-Exner.

Nonetheless one of the sexiest women of all time Marilyn Monroe was the most prominent

The love affair with the latter was scandalous, and the very contradictory personality of the actress only kindled a fire around fresh gossip. Many mistresses later referred to their affairs with Kennedy, and even documented them in memoirs and autobiographies.

He did not hide his ties with his mistresses and could not, even if he really wanted to. All these beautiful women were media personalities, and it was impossible to hide such relationships with all their desire.

The tragic and mysterious death of the 35th President of the United States of America

The year 1963 for the young and promising leader was the last in his political career, and in life. John Kennedy got a bullet in the chest during a series of visits to key points in the country. It happened just before the election year. Kennedy visited some places and on November 21, 1963 he went to Dallas, Texas. At noon the next day, November 22, the murderer shot him dead in his own car right in front of the crowd of his citizens.

The special services managed to detain the suspect (only according to the official version) – the shooter turned out to be the young Orlean Harvey Oswald

Just a couple of days later, something happened that made the Kennedy assassination one of the loudest, mysterious, and illuminated in history. That’s why no one could completely unravel the investigation. It turned out that somebody shot dead Oswald before the American justice system managed to convict him.

Despite the fact that a lot of people captured this loud crime on video, this does not clarify anything. Until now, suspicions are falling on the CIA, which did not like the activities of the president. Various terrorist groups, political opponents, the authorities of Vietnam and even Fidel Castro also could ordered this awful crime.

Kennedy found the last refuge at the Arlington National Cemetery. Nevertheless before that he had a farewell ceremony on Capitol Hill (November 25 of the same year). More than 200,000 American citizens came to show their respect and say goodbye to their president. All the Americans still remember the tragic event. Everyone also knows the Kennedy name, which only causes a pleasant feedback in the society.

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John F. Kennedy. Biography, Facts, Assassination