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calico cat

As a rule, calico cats have a docile nature and a friendly character. There is a common opinion that calico cat with black, white and red fur colo has the most soft and sweet character.

There is another strange stereotype that it is quite difficult to potty train calico cats. It’s true if the pet has already chosen a certain place where it wants to go to the toilet. Meanwhile, this situation can happen with any feline. Therefore, the logical solution is to place the tray there.

Widespread misconception is that calico cats are mostly lady-cats. To tell the truth, the fur color doesn’t influence the feline gender.

Scientists say that the X chromosome determines the black or red color of the cat’s hair. Male cats normally have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. That’s why they cannot have the both fur colors at the same time. Lady cats have two X chromosomes, so they logically have three-colored fur more often.

Cats with aneuploidy is the only exception. This genetic anomaly means that the sex chromosomes comprise not two (XY), but three chromosomes (XXY).

Due to the presence of two X chromosomes, such a cat can have a three-colored fur. We have to mention, that this same anomaly leads to the fact that most of the calico cats are sterile. There are not many male cats with aneuploidy, on average, only one for 3 thousand three-colored lady-cats.

Three-colored felines are very fond of themselves. Therefore, they are very affectionate, when the attitude towards them is tender and loving. However, they can react quite aggressively in stressful situations.

For example, there can be problems with a veterinarian, as calico cats they do not perceive the touch of anyone except their owner.

Of course, the unusual color is the biggest feature of any three-colored cat, all other “unusualities” depend on the breed. Basically, there are two “breeds” of calico cats.

The first breed, or species, includes cats with red and black fur, they also have white spots. The second type of calico cats are white kitties with spots of other colors mostly on their head, body and tail.

A three-colored cat can be of any breed, although most often they don’t have any. Only the British Shorthair cats is the exception, since they have only gray shades.

Persian cats may have three-colored kittens if their dad is black and white, and the mum has red spots. Also, there is a possibility of a three-colored floppy-eared feline, if a close or distant kitten relatives were floppy -eared, but such a probability is very difficult to predict.

Character and way of life of a three-colored cat

If a calico cat appeared in the family, this does not mean that it requires a special attitude, different from the attitude to all other domestic cats. All of them mostly have behavioral features of ordinary felines.

Of course, each kitty has its own individual character. Usually three-colored cats have a kind heart, strong and emotional affection to the master. There may be aggression towards strangers, cats are wayward. It can be quite difficult to wean them from bad habits that have already obtained.

The lifestyle of each calico cat depends on surroundings. If the pussycat lives at home, that is, its way of life depends on the lifestyle of the owner.

As mostly, all the kitties, calico cats sleeps during the day, it also eat, washes itself and takes care of itself, plays and caresses with the owner.

Any feline laziness and activity are combined in an unusual way, that is, if it does not want anything at the moment and nothing is interesting for it, it is quite difficult to stir the pet up. However, if the calico cat has a playful mood, on the contrary, it will be difficult to calm it down.

Some kitties have a predominantly nocturnal lifestyle. Having slept all day long, at night they rush about the apartment or the house, not letting the owner sleep. Sometimes it can be a serious problem, especially if someone needs to get up early to work, but it’s easily solved.

You need to pay more attention to the cat in the daytime, play with it, talk, caress, do not let it fall asleep, then, tired after the long day, the small mischief will sleep until the morning.

Feeding of calico cats

Like any other feline, the three-colored cat should have a balanced diet. You can give the pet non-fat beef, mutton, rabbit, better avoid offering it pork.

Cats digest meat in different ways. Therefore, you need to closely monitor the pet and its health in order to identify possible allergy symptoms. Do not forget that bird bones are extremely dangerous for any pets, as they can cause serious damage to the digestive tract.

Specialists advise to give meat in raw form, broken down into mince.

It’s not a secret for anyone that cats like fish. It can be sea, oceanic or river fish. But, this isn’t the best choice for cats, so better don’t give fish constantly to your calico cat. Experts recommend giving fish to felines only once or twice a week.

However, do not forget how dangerous the sharp fish bones are for the digestive tract. So the most ideal option will be to choose medium-sized fish and take away large bones from it.

As for fermented milk products, experts advise to give them occasionally. Meanwhile they shouldn’t be too fatty (fat content can be up to 9%). Also, after feeding, watch the reaction of the cat’s organism to identify possible individual intolerance.

You can give your calico cat vegetables, as they contain many vitamins. It can be carrots, peppers, cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers and greens. Of course don’t mix them with sour-milk products. You better add chopped or grated vegetables to the cooked meat, previously cut into small pieces.

Signs associated with three-colored cats

There are very many signs associated with calico cats, even more than with other ones. In general, they bring luck, happiness and prosperity to owners.

Many people think that when a calico cat appeared in their life, they got the most unexpected sources of additional income. The personal life also improved, and in general, everything changed for better.

It is also believed that the cat protects its owner from all sorts of trouble. The Japanese think that if a three-colored cat came to work, the business would be a success. A three-colored cat is a talisman that brings good luck in Japan. They even invented the statue of Maneki-neko. So they put it at the entrance to the house, because the Japanese believe that it will bring happiness and wealth.

There is a Japanese omen, if a calico cat touches the ear by its left paw to the ear, there will soon be a large improvent in the financial state.

In the USA calio cats are called money cats, as the Americans believe that these kitties bring wealth.

All over the world, people believe that sneezing of a three-colored cat is a happy sign. Especially, if it sneezes near the bride. Thus, the feline predicts a happy life for women.

Muslims believe that a three-colored cat can save a house from a fire. One of the English signs is that it brings home warmth and security.

Due to the special rarity of the calico cats, anglers believe that a ship with a three-colored cat on board will never sink.

Therefore, you can rejoice if you have a red, black and white kitty. Moreover, if a three-colored cat came to your house itself … Rather let it in, and you would be happy!

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Interesting calico cat facts
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