Popular facts about black cat

black cat

Even for non-superstitious people, black cats mean something unusual. Even though in fairy tales black cats usually live with all evil spirits, we are educated people and we know that these fluffy pets differ from other cats only by their fur color.

1. The number of black cats in cities is growing at a rapid pace.

It is noticed that black cats live more often in cities than in rural areas. The question then arises: why? From the scientific point of view, many assumptions are put forward, but scientists have not yet come to a common opinion.

Some of experts think that black cat want to be invisible, and historically it was easier to hide in cities or towns. As soot and smoke covering houses and sidewalks can be reliable protectors for a black cat, helping it to disguise.

Meanwhile cats either in the city, or in the village, need to be unnoticeable during the hunt. That means that black walls and sidewalks will reliably help merge with the landscape even during the day.

Perhaps the nature took care about felines and gave them a special black coat that was quite difficult to soil. Another reason for black cats to stay in the city is that they are more stress resistant, calmer and more friendly. Black kitties tolerate better the psychological burdens of urban life and accustom easier to urban fuss than their bright or light color cat relatives.

2. Especially reverent and respectful to black cats was the English King Charles I

The monarch believed that his black cat brought him only happiness and luck. That’s why he constantly forced his guards to tirelessly protect his cherished animal.

After a while, the precious feline grew old and died. After this accident, the king bitterly exclaimed that he wouldn’t have any luck in his life anymore. And he was right: the next morning he was arrested, and then, in a few months, he was executed. That’s how the black cat left the king and his luck.

And we want your favorite pets not to leave you and bring only happiness and luck to you and your home, no matter what color they are black or white …

3. Not all black cats are black

In fact, not all cats of black color are truly black. Color of the fur has an association with mutations at the gene level. Two pigments affect the shade of the feline fur: yellow (pheomelanin) and black (eumelanin). The predominant black color comes as a result of the oppression of pheomelanin.

But if the yellow pigment is not completely suppressed, then it can give a slightly brownish or grayish color. Sometimes these nuances are visible only under certain illumination.

4. There is a black cat day

On November, 17 Italians celebrate National Black Cat Day. Italian activists from the Association for the Protection of the Environment and Animals (AIDAA) started this tradition in 2007. In the Middle Ages, the church baptized innocent black cats devotees of Satan and began to exterminate them in every possible way.

Gloomy ages have long passed, but superstitions have not gone away. In Rome alone, each year the owners lose 1,500 black cats due to human prejudices. Especially often animals disappear on the eve of Halloween. Italian activists decided to pay attention to the problem and urge in every way to help black cats – not only on November 17, but throughout the year.

5. Celebrities are not afraid of black cats

People of art are a bit out of this world, so they spit upon superstitious fears of black cats. For example, the legendary John Lennon had cats witty nicknames: he had a black cat named Salt, and a white kitty named Pepper.

Columbus sailed to America with the first black cat that supposedly could foreshadow a storm, predict the weather and help in a long journey avoiding many dangers. Even today, many sailors believe that the cat always sleeps near the side that faces home.

Winston Churchill was the owner of a black cat Nelson named after the famous admiral.

Halle Berry became the embodiment of the mystery, embodied by black cats, playing the role of female cat in 2004.

Nicky Hilton, the heiress of the hotel empire, chose a spectacular outfit of a black cat for a traditional party on the Eve of All Saints.

6. The signs about black cats can also bring luck

Not in all countries, a black cat crossing the road means mischance and bad luck. There are places where these sweet kitties bring wealth, love and luck. For example, the Scottish believe that a black cat who has run into the house will bring prosperity and well-being.
The Irish will be happy to see a black feline, running across the road. They will think that this will bring luck.
And the British, who discover a black cat on the porch, believe that soon they will be unexpectedly wealthy. They also believe that if a black cat crosses your path or enters your house, it means that you are lucky.

The old English proverb says: “If there is a black cat in the house, the young lady will have a lot of suitors.”

7. Black cats are excellent hunters

The dark fur makes black cats excellent hunters – in the dark at night they are virtually indistinguishable and therefore the rodents have no chance. That’s why black cats live in granaries and warehouses.

In the Middle Ages, black cats exterminated rodents, preventing the spread of plague. After all, rats and mice were the main carriers of this infection. Who knows, maybe without black felines, Europe would die of disease.

8. There are 22 breeds of black cats

There are a lot of black cats in the world, but according to official data only 22 breeds can have a radical black color. By the way, ancient Phoenician cats are ancestors of all of them.

At the moment, the only cat breed in the world that can be exceptionally black is the Bombay cat. This breed can be born with light hairs or specks, but with age its color becomes homogeneous black without any shades.

9. There are more “boys” than “girls” among black cats

According to researchers from the United States black male cats are born black. The preponderance is insignificant, but, nevertheless, it is, and the trend persists. Scientists have not yet found an explanation for this phenomenon.

10. A black cat played an interesting role in the development of the labor movement in the United States

At the beginning of the 20th century, the first American trade union was the organization “Industrial workers of the world”, connected with anarchism, more precisely, with anarcho-syndicalism, with which black is associated. As the story tells, it all started with an unsuccessful first strike. Once in the camp of the strikers came a thin black cat. Workers began to feed it. Amazing thing: as soon as the cat began to recover, the strike also developed, and the workers eventually won. Since then, the black cat is a symbol of anarchists and radical protests.

Black cats and cats have experienced a lot of troubles from their people, but they survived and continue to live next to us, pleasing with their affection and devotion. Do not forget to stroke your black fluffy and charming friend!

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Popular facts about black cat