10 interesting facts about sex


We hear and read a lot about sex, what is more, everywhere and constantly. And you think that it is difficult to surprise you on this subject. But, nevertheless, I will try. I have come across a list of interesting facts about sex and would like to share it with you.

  1.  One of the TOP 10 facts about sex is that it turns out, that aside from people, some kinds of anthropoid apes and dolphins also enjoying having sex. Yeah, not much…
  2. Experts on smells say that when it comes to sex, the most exciting smell for a strong half of humanity is a mixture of the aroma of lavender and pumpkin … That’s what you did not expect, did you? So, if you want to amaze him (or check the truth of this fact), prepare an aromatic bath with essential oil of lavender and cook for dinner a delicious pumpkin pie. Just do not mix it up …
  3. In Ancient Greece, the men, who cheated on their wives, had such a punishment: all the pubic hair was shaved, and a large radish was inserted into the anus. Now, alas, not those times … And who would have thought that an ordinary radish could save a family …
  4. By the way, if you do not have enough sex in the 21th century, you should visit sunny Greece. You can have a great vacation there. Statistics show, that the Greeks have sex more than other representatives of humanity. And what else should they do there?
  5. For a lifetime, men produce about 15 liters of sperm. These are five 3 liter cans. A lot of? Few? That’s enough! If you imagine how many children can be born out of this amount… Meanwhile, during the ejaculation, about 100 million spermatozoa get out. Only 200 of them reach the coveted goal of a female egg. Well, only one wins, the strongest … Everything obeys the law of the jungle. Besides, the average speed of ejaculation is about 44 kilometers per hour (27.34 mph)! By and large, it sweeps everything in its path!
  6. As you know, men and women are all different. There are as many as 8 thousand nerve endings on the female clitoris. For a comparison, there are only 4 thousand on the male organ. Get it!
  7. According to the data of physicians conducting ultrasound studies of the fetus, erection is very often observed in male embryos in the last trimester of development. Oh, these men, even in the belly of their mother, they are “special” and think about sex.
  8. Only 1 percent of all women are able to experience orgasm from simple breast caresses. So that men cannot scrimshank and have to work hard to make pleasure to their beloved. Meanwhile, from the women orgasm is a very strong painkiller (as the organism releases a large number of endorphins). So the headache is a bad excuse for not wanting to have sex! Men, take a note.
  9. Fast food, especially in the United States, negatively affects the production of the organism’s main male hormone. If you cannot overcome the addiction, sex will come to the rescue. After all, during a violent sexual act, exactly the same amount of calories burned, which is contained in two hamburgers, and the testosterone level is markedly increased. Therefore, one sexual act burns 360 calories.
  10. Sex is the strongest natural drug. The endorphins released during the intercourse have a powerful effect on the same zones in the cerebral cortex as all known narcotic substances. So enjoy having sex with your beloved!

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10 interesting facts about sex