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Climate change planet Earth

The climate change is a real problem for mankind, as it effects our life in all its ways. Climate change undermines national economies, which causes us enormous damage nowadays and will bring even greater losses in the nearest future. However, at the same time, there is a growing awareness of more cost-effective, scalable solutions. They will ensure a transition to a greener and more sustainable economy.

The Paris Agreement, adopted in 2015, has been an important step towards addressing climate change. Its main aim is to ensure that a global temperature won’t rise above 2 °C.

The Paris Agreement is very significant for all of us. Many conscious countries have concluded a new universal agreement under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

After that last December, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP-24 – in Poland, the same governments agreed on guidelines for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Hence, all of them want to fulfill its mane purpose and make our world greener.

At the same time 184 states around the world and the European Union understood its importance and joined the Agreement, which came into effect at record high speed.

Nevertheless they have developed their own national climate change action plans, unfortunately all of this is not sufficient to limit climate change at a level well below 2 ° C. It is imperative that they strengthen their strategies to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and strive to achieve more ambitious aims in the fight against climate change.

Climate change Summit

Meanwhile Unites Nations Secretary-General António Guterres will hold a Summit on Climate Change Measure on September 23, 2019. He invites world leaders to participate in it. Guterres underlines that common efforts to stop global climate changes are vital for all human beings.

António Guterres also calls to take attention to the views of young people in the field of climate change. Besides he presents a plan containing concrete solutions for implementation at the Summit on Climate Change Measures to be held in September.

Tens of thousands of young people took to the streets of London with a clear message to world leaders: it is time to take urgent action to save our planet and our future from climate catastrophe

These British schoolchildren understood what many of the elders apparently could not realize that we entered the race, the prize in which is our lives, and in this race we lose. We have to realize that the window of opportunity closes. Time works against us as it is a luxury that we can no longer afford. Therefore, postponing the fight against climate change is almost as dangerous as denying the existence of this problem.

Our generation has failed to adequately respond to the colossal challenge of climate change. The youth is keenly aware of this. Therefore, their anger is not surprising.

Youth against climate change

Despite many efforts that have been going on for many years, the emissions of harmful substances around the world have reached record levels, and there is no indication that this is the limit. Experts warn us that the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is the highest in the last 3 million years. Because of this the temperature continues its rising all over the planet, sea levels are rising too, coral reefs are dying. Moreover, nature and humans suffer because of air pollution, torandos, tsunami and lack of food safety.

Fortunately, we have the Paris Agreement – a far-sighted, viable, promising political program. It clearly defines what all of us have to do to stop the destabilization of the climate and reverse its consequences. However, without ambitious action, the agreement itself is meaningless.

That is why the General Secretary António Guterres gathers this year the world leaders for the Summit on combating climate change

He also urges all leaders to come to New York in September with concrete, realistic plans. As all of them should increase their nationally determined contributions by 2020. He asks to take a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent over the next decade.  The General Secretary suggests to put them to zero by 2050.

The Summit will bring together representatives of governments, the private sector, civil society, local authorities. Other international organizations will come up with ambitious solutions in six areas:

  • renewable energy sources;
  • emission reduction;
  • sustainable infrastructure;
  • sustainable agriculture and the rational use of forests and oceans;
  • confronting the effects of climate change;
  • and investing in a green economy.

The latest analytical data suggests that if we act now, we can reduce carbon emissions for 12 years. We can as well limit global warming to one and a half degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, if we continue to do what we do now, it will have unpredictable consequences

The fight against climate change is necessary to eliminate the threat to our very existence. However, this struggle is fraught with costs. Therefore, action plans should not lead to the emergence of winners and losers or exacerbate economic inequality. They must be fair and create new opportunities for those who will experience their negative impact.

Business is on our side. An accelerated solution to climate change can strengthen our economy and create jobs. It also makes the air cleaner, preserving our natural habitat and biodiversity, and protecting our environment.

New technologies and engineering solutions already provide energy at lower prices than prices characteristic of an economy built on the use of fossil fuels. Solar and wind energy are currently the cheapest energy sources. However, we must embark on a radical change

Accordingly it is necessary to stop subsidizing the extraction of fossil fuels and the maintenance of high-emission agriculture. As well as to switch to the use of renewable energy sources. We better use more electric vehicles and rational from a climatic point of view, business methods. This means that it is necessary to set prices on hydrocarbons. This action reflects the true cost of emissions, which put on risk our safe existence on the Earth.

In addition, it is very substantial to close the coalmines and power stations. Government have to offer people healthier alternatives in order for the transformations to be fair, inclusive and profitable.

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Climate Change Facts
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