Exercise: 10 Facts about the Benefits of Exercising


Everyone knows the value of exercising, as it is a harmonious part of life. Movement is one of the main biological human needs. Along with technological progress the need for physical labor reduces, the infrastructure of sports clubs, fitness centers, dancing and yoga studios become more popular.

Everyone can choose what he or she likes, the main thing is that the activity brings satisfaction. For example, many people like roller skating; others prefer swimming. Some of us adore hometraining in the privacy of the house on a stationary bike, for instance, others choose aerobics or other group exercising in sportclubs.

However, not everyone can attend regular training. There are many examples when people start doing morning extra exercises or morning jogging. Firstly, they feel better afetr exercising, become fitter, have a desire to go into sports and think that they will keep exercising all their life. Nevertheless, soon good intentions disappear. The reasons are different: overestimation of opportunities, poor motivation, lack of willpower.

Here are 10 motivations that will help you not to stop halfway and lead to success in doing sports


After deciding that physical activity should be a priority in lifestyle, determine the goal. This will be the key to success. Tasks should be positive, less specific. For example: strengthen health status, become more resilient and flexible. You can set yourself the bar of success: learn to swim, play tennis, do the perfect splits. Please start small, do not set super tasks, gradually increase the load of the complex of exercises.


If you decide to engage in a club, pay attention to its location, calculate the time for the way, decide on a convenient training time. For practicing at home, equip an exercising place in a spacious, ventilated area, prepare the necessary equipment. Clothing and shoes should not only be comfortable but also appealing, turn on your favorite music and enjoy morning exercises.


If you are far from sports, try group exercises, which are always good for humans. This form of exercising will cheer you up and increase motivation, competitive excitement. Training with a trainer or exercises on simulators can also become a nice and quite suitable option.


Be sure to draw up a lesson plan and a clear schedule, choose a convenient time, in accordance with established routine. Please note that exercise or a simple warm-up is best done in the morning, it will give you energy for the day. If you plan to build and develop muscles, devote an evening for this, after all your business.


When choosing a trainer, pay attention not only to professional skills, but also to such qualities as strict discipline or loyal approach. The determining factor should be your personal psychotype of the fitness-trainer. You should find your person in this man or woman and feel comfortable while training.


The understanding that, by improving your physical condition, you will look younger, more confident, energetic during the day, and relaxed at night, will serve as an incentive for a change. Record success in your diary, encourage yourself in any method, buy super cool sneakers or a delicious fresh juice. Such nice little things will strengthen the desire to continue classes.


Compose a sequence of daily activities. This will help self-discipline and responsibility of fulfillment of scheduled tasks. For example, morning exercises will become ritual immediately after waking up, same as brushing your teeth.


Eating process should be fractional and frequent. Eat plenty of healthy calories, protein, fats and slow carbohydrates. Such natural and tasty food is suitable for a healthy diet: chicken meat (without skin), cereals, fish, greengrocery, nuts, fruits and vegetables. When doying sports, drinking water is important. Experts recommend drinking 1.5-2 liters (about 0.5 gallon) of water per day.


If you get carried away with something new, do not forget that the muscles need some rest to recover. If the body is tired, you stop receiving joy and can quit classes. Alternate power and cardio workout, remember to stretch before and after training.


Regular exercises will improve muscle tone and blood circulation, increase immunity. They also strengthen the musculoskeletal system and normalize weight. People who have felt the influence of physical activities, which surely improve the quality of life, will not be able to abandon them.

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Exercise: 10 Facts about the Benefits of Exercising
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