Facts about animals that will cheer you up

Facts about animals

It is difficult for us to imagine this world without animals, because they are always near people. We are happy to admire them, enjoy their behavior, take care of them.

All animals are different, but not always these differences are subject to our eye. Some of them have a special story, someone has a unique character.

Today we want to talk about the funniest facts about animals that some people do not even know about. This information will please you and even cheer you up.
Facts once again prove that animals are the most natural, spontaneous, sincere and unusual creatures on earth.

  1. Sea otters hold their paws when they sleep to make sure the current will not carry them away.
  2. Squirrels plant thousands of new trees every year, just forgetting where they have hidden their acorns.
  3. While playing with a female puppy, a male pup often let his opponent win, even if he has a physical advantage.
  4. Turtles can breathe through the backside.
  5. Cows have best friends with whom they spend most of the time.
  6. A male penguin proposes to  his chosen female penguin with a perfect pebble which he puts at her feet.
  7. In one of prisons in Washington, prisoners help to socialize aggressive, unfriendly cats that no one wants to take. Due to behavioral problems these cats have not much choice and can be put down. Cats feel affection, gradually socialize so they have the hope of getting into new families and live more.
  8. Monkeys in Japan use coins to buy snacks in a vending machine.
  9. In Norway a penguin was bestowed knighthood. His full name is Sir Nils Olav.
  10. In China smugglers of pandas have a punishment of a 10-year sentence with confiscation of property, life sentence or even death sentence.
  11. Spiders don’t fly. Should not we be thankful for this?
  12. In Sweden there are competitions in hopping for rabbits. It has got the mane of Kaninhopping.
  13. Pigs orgasm lasts 30 minutes.
  14. Dolphins give each other names.
  15. Puffins choose a partner for life. They build a house in a steep cliff and even set up a toilet nearby.
  16. Scientists have proven that cows bring more milk when they listen to soothing music. But they are most productive, when they listen to the songs: “Everybody hurts” of the band R.E.M and @Perfect day” of Lou Reed.
  17. Oysters can change their sex, depending on who they are best at mating with at that time.
  18. Japanese macaques play snowballs for entertainment.
  19. Cats have their own version of Welsh Corgi – a breed of munchkin (”Sausage Cat”).
  20. Bees feel and taste with their feet.
  21. In some countries (for example in USA) there are special programs for prisoners: they train guide dogs. Many participants say that they feel how they atone for guilt.
  22. Sea horses also choose their partner for life. And when they move, they cling to each other’s tails.
  23. While the chicken still stays in its unhatched egg, it uses special sounds for communicating with its mother and other chickens, that is why when it is born, everyone is already acquainted with it, although it was staying in its egg all the time.
  24. The prints of the dogs’ noses are unique and can be used to identify animals.
  25. Such species of jellyfish as Turritopsis dohrnii is immortal. It is the only one in the animal world.
  26. Crows are so clever that they can make fun of each other.
  27. Butterflies feel the taste with their feet.
  28. Scientists have found out that goats, like us, have an accent, depending on the place of residence.
  29. Cats show their trust, touching someone with the forehead. Thus they let him know that he is safe.
  30. Squirrels adopt someone else’s babies squirrels, if their parents abandon them for some reasons.
  31. Koala marsupials, they aren’t bears.
  32. Guinea pigs are rodents, not pigs, and they originated in the Andes of South America, not Africa.

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Facts about animals that will cheer you up