Fun facts about boxer dogs

boxer dog

Boxer has a funny face with almost human facial expressions, vigor, sincerity, goofiness, fearlessness and playful character, which persists to a very old age. This is a portrait of any representative of this remarkable service dog breed.

Add here also the ability to easily and quickly learn, friendliness. At the same time boxers will rather surprise you with vigilance and readiness to instantly repel an attack on those who care about the canine.

Is it possible first of all to remain indifferent to such a dog? There is a lot of interesting information about boxer dogs. To all other advantages, the boxer seems like quite easy to take care of. You almost don’t have to comb, trim this dog breed. In addition, it isn’t very big, that’s why it feels comfortable in an average city apartment.

The boxer is clever, energetic and very affectionate. It is ready to take care of all who fall into its sight. This is an excellent nanny and companion for games for children, whom he loves very much. The strength and speed of the boxer in combination with its wit and excitement make this dog an excellent athlete, successfully performing in any dog sport.

What do we know about boxer dogs? This canine is a very good guard. A dog of this breed is considered to be very brave and disciplined.

The dog is adorable, isn’t it? And how much concentration: the eyebrows in tha shape of a “house”, the forehead is wrinkled. As a result, it is all, from the snub nose to the end of its dock tail, – a continuous readiness to rush and perform any command of the owner.

The boxer is a large, fearless and very reliable dog originated in Germany. The representatives of this breed are distinguished by a fairly stable psyche. Hence, it is a wonderful companion for long walks. It is very cheerful, adores frolicking with the owner. Boxers are very fond of chasing the ball, with pleasure performing fetching. Dogs of this breed can fearlessly rush into the water, easily jump over fairly high obstacles.

There were now extinct Bullenbeyssers (bull-fighters), who hunted wild boars and stags among ancestors of the German boxer. Meanwhile the boxer is famous for its gentle and kind attitude not only to its owner, but also to its closest surroundings, including other domestic animals. However, it can be dangerous for strangers. A dog with a powerful chest, a strong square jaw can stand for the owner and his property to the end.

Interesting boxer dogs information

What is important to know about boxer dogs. The boxer rather lives well in a country house. Dogs of this breed need a lot of movement. But they also feel good in city apartments, only the owner needs spending a lot of time on walks.

Meanwhile short smooth fur is another peculiarity of this wonderful dog. The owner will find absolutely no difficulties to take care of the fur.
The name of the breed is due to the interesting quality of the dogs. They can fight with their front paws, this looks like real boxers fighting in the ring.

In time of war, boxers successfully carried out their service in native Germany, as well as in the United States. They showed versatile talents and consequently could work as medics, signallers and sentries.

Futhermore he blood of boxers is universal, it is compatible with the blood of all dog breeds. There are many honorable donors among the boxers. The most famous of them is the dog Winston, who saves lives regularly!

The average lifespan for boxers is 10 years, sometimes they live up to 15 years, but, unfortunately, not more.

In addition, official boxer dogs information teels us that boxers are very popular in the USA and have become favorite pets of many famous and even outstanding people. Among their remarkable owners were and are Pablo Picasso, Tony Curtis, Sylvester Stalone, Robin Williams, Chelsea Handler, Gisele Bundchen, Greg Biffle, Jessical Biel, Justin Timberlake, Aishwarya Rai, Cameron Diaz.

Furthermore there is a boxer included in the Guinness Book of Records for an interesting and fun record. The record-holder’s name is Brandy. It has the longest tongue among all the dogs of 17 inches (43 centimeters).

Finally, boxers can be fawn, brindle and white. It’s necessary to remember about boxer dogs: white boxers have a tendency to be born deaf, often have skin issues and other health problems.

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Fun facts about boxer dogs