Random fun facts that will surprise you

Random fun facts

Our life is both interesting and amazing. Despite the fact that humankind has already learned much, there is still a lot of unexplored things in the world. And a lot of interesting and unexplored facts can be found not only in science, space or in the animal world, but also concerning us, ordinary people.

Here are some random and extremely fascinating facts that will raise your spirits and, perhaps, to a certain degree:

  1. Human bone strength can compete with cast iron and granite. Thus, if you make an effort to stretch, then the human bone will show itself no worse than cast iron. And if you make an effort to compress, then the bone is twice the strength of granite.
  2. More than ten people per year die from vending machines. A ridiculous death.
  3. Milk of the hippo is pink!
  4. Women has better sense of smell than men
  5. It turns out that the homeland of ice cream is China.
  6. Throughout the life a cow produces about 200,000 glasses of milk.
  7. Some WOW facts: a domestic cat can run at a speed of about 31 mph.
  8. A hummingbird weighs less than a penny.
  9. Time for scientifically proven facts: stroking a cat lowers your blood pressure.
  10. Nine out of ten American children visit McDonald’s at least once a month.
  11. Every year, car drivers kill more deer than hunters.
  12. Sound spreads 4 times faster in the water than in the air.
  13. A drop of alcohol on a scorpion drives him crazy, causing the scorpion to die from self-inflicted bites.
  14. The oldest elephant in the world lived to 82 years, which is cool even for people, isn’t it?
  15. Human DNA is 70% identical to slug DNA.
  16. Gorillas can catch cold from a person and as well as other diseases.
  17. Mona Lisa does not have eyebrows. Shaving of eyebrows was fashionable trend in Florence in the Renaissance.
  18. On average, a person spends three years of his life on a toilet.
  19. According to statistics, Australian women are more likely to have sex on their first date comparing to women of other nationalities.
  20. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.
  21. In ancienttimes, the Japanese held some strange public contests to identify those who can fart louder and longer.
  22. The insurance company Direct in the UK, which specializes in travel insurance, issues insurance against attacks of coconuts.
  23. Every third car driver (we talk about men) picks in the nose while driving a car.
  24. The object that Americans most often choke on is a toothpick.
  25. In the United States, every year people receive about 40,000 recorded injuries in toilets.
  26. 23% of all malfunctions of photocopiers around the world happen because of the actions of people sitting on them and copying their butts.
  27. Sex with animals is illegal in Louisiana, as the Senate vote 25 – 10 to ban it in 2018. New Orleans Senator JP Morrell underlines that people having anal or another sex with animals will be arrested and put in jail. Still anal sexual intercourse between two human beings is considered legal.
  28. During the Apollo 16 mission, astronaut John Young admitted that he farted because of the fruit juice he drank in space. He also said in a recording, broadcast around the world, that once back on Earth, he would never eat citrus again.
  29. If you ask someone who is the richest person in the history, without thinking, he or she will tell you this is Bill Gates. Yes, certainly the founder of Microsoft is the richest man right now, but if you consider inflation, this is John D. Rockefeller! The American industrialist and philanthropist is the richest man of all time with a fortune estimated in 1902 at $ 200 million and in 1914 at 900 million, which is currently $ 200 billion!
  30. The sunsets on Mars are blue. Using the camera mounted on NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity captured a succession of images of the setting sun. If daylight brings out the rust color of Mars, the sunsets are blue! This is due to the fine dust that is exactly the right size for the blue light to penetrate the atmosphere more effectively. When the blue light reflects on the dust, it stays closer to the direction of the sun than the light of the other colors.

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Random fun facts that will surprise you