The most interesting facts about Japan

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Find out with our assistance why the Japanese take the same bath without changing water and what is the most offensive word in their language.

Japan – a country is unique in every sense without exaggeration. The Japanese surprisingly combine nanotechnology with ancient traditions, some traditions are very strict and have the same influence as laws.

We decided to collect the most interesting facts about Japan and share them with you

The Japanese greatly respect those who can say at least two phrases in their language. They believe that it is unreal to learn their difficult language.

The most terrible curses in the Japanese language are “fool” and “idiot”

In Japanese, the “fool” sounds like “baka” (literally, a stupid man). And a foreigner sounds like “gaidzin” (literally, a stranger). Baka-gayzin is an American.

The structure of Japan includes more than 6,800 islands. The largest of them are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu.
In Japan, there are more than 50 thousand people who have already celebrated their 100th anniversary. The country has the highest level of life expectancy in the world – 83.7 years.

Menwhile, Japan runs one of the most punctual trains in the world. Their deviation from the schedule usually does not exceed 18 seconds. At the same time, a magnetic-cushioned train (maglev) speeds up to 603 km / h (375 mph). This is an absolute world record.

Every year there are about 1.5 thousand earthquakes in Japan. One of the most destructive in the entire history of the country occurred in March 2011. It caused a tsunami that killed 15,869 people.

In Japan, there are more pets than children. The number of furry home friends in this extraordinary country reached 19.8 million, while there are only about 15.9 million children, according to demographers.

90% of mobile phones in Japan are waterproof. Because young people use them even in the shower

The Japanese grow square watermelons. This shape greatly simplifies the process of packing and transporting berries.

People often sleep in public places and even at work in Japan. This practice is called Inemuri. Surprisingly, the chiefs are not opposed to their subordinates snoozing at the computer, because they believe that they are exhausted because of the hard work.

Japan and Russia still have not resolved the dispute regarding the ownership of the Kuril Islands. This discussion has been going on for more than 70 years, since the end of the Second World War.

In Osaka, there is a building through which the highway passes. The 16-story business center is called the Gate Tower Building. When the architects decided to build it, the road already existed. And then, in order not to lose the income from the land, they decided to let the highway go through the building.

About 1 million Japanese are hikikomori, that is, people who voluntarily renounced social life. They deliberately choose privacy, guided by various personal and social reasons.

The largest diaspora of the Japanese lives in Brazil – about 1.5 million people. Their mass immigration began at the end of the 19th century due to the overpopulation of Japan.

Most of the streets in Japan have no name. The addresses are block numbers

The Japanese island Okunosima is famous because of rabbits. They are more than 700 animals. Despite the fact that these animals are wild, they freely roam the streets and come into contact with people. Thanks to this feature, Okunasimu has also a name of the Island of Rabbits.

Japan is one of four modern countries, except Korea, Thailand and Liberia, which have never been European colonies.

The Japanese talk constantly about food, and when they eat, then discuss how they like the treat. It is very impudent to treat yourself without saying a few times oishii (it’s delicious).

In Japan, people eat dolphins. They make a soup from them, prepare yakiniku (Japanese barbecue), even eat it raw. The dolphin has quite tasty meat, with a pronounced taste, whick is completely unlike fish.

Everyone knows that the Japanese know everything about the correct nutrition that is why you can rarely see a Japanese woman or man with excess weight.

In Japan, McDonalds is the most unpopular in the world

In Japan, there are no tips, besides categorically. The Japanese think that while the client pays according to the price-list, he remains with the seller on equal terms.

The Japanese are very honest people. If you’ve lost a purse in the subway, 90% of the probability that you would find it at the lost and found office.

Because of this, there is no looting during earthquakes in Japan.

Japanese policemen are the most honest in the world, they do not take bribes. Sometimes you can persuade them to let you go and not to be punished for small violations, if you pretend to be a “baka.”

If they catch you for something serious, they have the right to keep you in prison for 30 days without letting know your lawyer about this.
Tokyo is the safest megalopolis in the world. Tokyo is so safe that six-year-olds can use public transport without the parents’ worrying.

In Japan, there is a specific attitude to pornography. Therefore, almost every Japanese hotel has a channel with adult films or with hentai (anime porn videos).

Each grocery store has a special shelf with hentai. There are entire hentai floors in large bookstores.

Age of consent in Japan is 13 years. This means that from this age voluntary sex is not considered to be rape.

There is the largest concentration of gay bars in the world is in the Shinjuku’s Ni-chōme area in Tokyo.

Japanese and alcohol are poorly compatible concepts. Most of them, even after one glass of strong alcohol, start to awfully blush, that is why they do not drink much.

The Japanese are very shy, and they are not accustomed to express their feelings. For many, this is a true act of bravery to say: “I love you”.

Parents and matchmakers organize the third part of the weddings in the country

Brothers and sisters in Japanese families usually do not speak at аll, they do not even know the numbers of mobile phones of each other.

The Japanese are very tidy people, but, there is a tradition to take the bath in the same water by all members of the family, no matter how many of them there are. However, everybody takes a shower before bathing.

The Japanese almost never call home guests. Their invitations like “please come to me some day!” is no more than just a courtesy.

The Japanese are crazy workaholics. They can easily work 15-18 hours a day even without making a break for lunch.

To come to work on time in Japan is considered a bad tone. There should at work be at least half an hour earlier.

In Japanese, there is even the word “Karōshi” that literally translates as “overwork death.” On average, ten thousand people die each year with this diagnosis.

The Japanese have very low pensions. The maximum social payment is about $ 300. It is assumed that every Japanese should take care of his old age himself.

In the northern cities of Japan, all sidewalks are heated, so there is never glassy ice on the ground

In Japan, on the streets you can see vases with umbrellas. If it rains, you can take any of them, and then, when it stops raining, put it in the nearest vase.

In Japanese streets you will not see garbage cans. They take all the rubbish home, and then sort it into four types: glass, burnt, recycled and non-burnt trash.

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The most interesting facts about Japan