Interesting and fun facts for kids

facts for kids

Interesting facts for kids are very popular. After all, children always need “food” for their brains, as they often ask “why” to their parents. They want to know everything in the world, and they ask thousands of questions. In this article we have collected the most interesting facts for kids that will help children to expand their horizons and raise their level of erudition.

Although it is fair to say that even not all adults know what we are going to tell you right now. So, let’s go!

Do you know who invented the ordinary scissors? Or do you think that they always existed? So scissors invented one of the greatest scientists of all time – they appeared in our life because of Leonardo da Vinci.

The shortest war in the history of mankind lasted 38 minutes. This happened in 1896. When England attacked Zanzibar, the sultan surrendered exactly after 38 minutes, losing about 570 people. From the side of England, only one soldier was wounded.

Do you know among other fun facts for kids that you cannot sneeze with your eyes open? So either sneeze or look around!

There are more interesting and cool facts for kids that will surprise any child! The fact is that in China, no matter how funny it sounds, more people know English more than in the US. Just think how it is possible! As a clue, let’s add that English is taught in all Chinese schools, and the country’s population is 1.3 billion people, compared to 320 million US population.

Do you know which of the living creatures has the largest eyes? It’s a giant squid. Its eye is about the size of a soccer-ball. It must have a freat eyesight, I guess!

Meanwhile, you most likely heard different jokes about the ostrich. They say, this is a very stupid creature. If this is true, then it is not surprising. After all, the eyes of the ostrich are bigger in size than its brain! Can you imagine such a thing ?!

What is more about this outlandish bird, it does not hide its head in the sand. It’s just a funny myth.

Despite the fact that we are talking about interesting facts for children, let us make one more remark. In general, the starfish does not have any brain at all. It’s insulting to them, probably!

The ears and nose of humans never stop growing. This interesting fact will help children to understand why grandparents sometimes have such big ears or noses. So, please, don’t be ignorant, discourteous and rude to elderly people!

It is interesting that women blink almost twice as often as men. Maybe they’re just more shy?

Who are the lefties? These are the ones who feel much more comfortable writing and doing all the things not with the right hand, but with the left one. So it is believed that the left-handers live less than the righties. This is due to the fact that almost all things in the world are created for right-handers, so left-handed people have accidents more often. However, there have been more the greatest and most brilliant people among the lefties in the history of mankind.

Have you ever seen a rhinoceros? What do you think his horn consists of? Okay, we will not torture you, but at once we will say that the horn of a rhino consists of densified hair. Just wow!

The youngest Pope ascended to the throne at the age of 11. So to achieve great goals, you do not have to be an adult and our amazing facts for kids will surely help you!

Do you like to sleep when you need to go, for example, to school? If yes, then this interesting fact for children will appeal to you. The fact is that snails can sleep for three years. Imagine how reluctant they are to go somewhere!

Polar bears are one of the most dangerous and powerful predators on earth. However, they are also one of the most beautiful animals! Futhermore, the skin of polar bears is black. And the fur is not white, but transparent, imagine!

Do you know which muscle is the strongest in our body? Maybe you think that this is your bicep? Well, no, my friends, the strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue.

Surely you know that scientists divide conventionally all animals into two types: domestic and wild. So for the last 4 thousand years, people haven’t domesticated any animal. We tamed cats, dogs, horses and many other animals more than 4 thousand years ago.

And do you know that all children are born without kneecaps? They appear only after two years.

And this is an interesting and fun fact for female kids. Barbie doll, if it was an ordinary human being, would have a neck twice as long as the usual woman.

Another fact from the animal world. Sadly it sounds, but the crocodile can not stick out its tongue.

Polar bears, of which we have already written above, are almost all left-handed.

Meanwhile, butterflies determine the taste of food with their small paws.

If you’ve read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, then you should know that this is the world’s first novel written on a typewriter. Before that time, all the books were written with pen and ink, and then they were printed in special printing offices.

Elephants are considered very kind animals, despite their huge size. But they have one sad secret that they do not tell anyone. The fact is that elephants do not know how to jump. Surely it will seem to children just unthinkable! Such a wonderful information concerning facts for kids!

Do you know that dragonflies, which children like to catch in summer, are not simple insects but predators? They eat flies, spiders and different midges. And they are very clever hunters, and if they decide to catch some sort of fly, then the prey will hardly manage to get away from the chase.

By the way, do you have a cat at home? If so, then know that the cat has 32 muscles in each ear. So be careful with them, because they can hear everything ;)

More cool facts for kids: tigers have striped skin, not just fur. So if we shave them completely bald, they will still have stripes.

And this is not only an interesting fact for kids, but for adults too. Did you know that a human being, on average, falls asleep after about 7 minutes. So you have time to count a lot of lambs.

Well, that are some interesting and cool facts for children. Of course, you will still have many questions, and in the next issues we will try to fill up your knowledge base even more with fun facts for children.

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Interesting and fun facts for kids