10 Interesting Female Orgasm Facts

Female Orgasm

The female orgasm is much more mysterious and unpredictable than the male. Everyone knows this fact, though not many people think that this is important.

According to sexologist Alfred Kinsey, healthy 20-year-old men almost always experience an orgasm during sex, but women only reach this by the age of 35, and then not in 100, but in 90% of cases. True, the female orgasm has one plus: it is longer and more intense than the male. We have collected other facts about achieving the highest degree of pleasure from scientists in this material.

Sociological survey data proved this fact. Therefore, at the age of 18-24 years 61% of women experience orgasm. At the age of 25-39 65% of women come. From 40 to 55 years, more than 70% of women can feel it. This is despite the fact that the intensity and frequency of sexual intercourse at an older age decrease.

Contraceptives do not prevent a woman from having an orgasm

The authors of the theory that sex with a contraceptive is less conducive to female orgasm are, of course, men. British scientists call it a myth. They claim that the contraceptive cannot in any way affect the brightness of female sensations during intercourse.

Orgasm is a natural pain reliever

This is one of the nicest facts that the authors of the study do not deny. On the contrary, scientists even think that orgasm relieves any pain, even the one experienced by women during childbirth.

The brightest orgasm occurs with stimulation of multiple erogenous zones

Scientists explain this fact by the woman’s ability to experience clitoral and vaginal orgasms. It is believed that it is easier for a woman to achieve orgasm by combining several types of sexual activity.

Oral and vaginal sex can bring together a lot of joy and pleasure

To bring this to life, you can use some sex toys

Self-confidence is the key to a bright orgasm

Confidence in general is such a thing that greatly facilitates all areas of life, including sexual. Therefore, never doubt your own attractiveness.

Some women take longer to reach orgasm

There are rare cases when a woman cannot have an orgasm. The exception is psychological trauma or physical characteristics of the body. In most cases, a woman is able to experience an orgasm, she just needs a little more time: 20-30 minutes.

Men call female orgasm a measure of the quality of their work

This is the conclusion reached by Charlene Mulenhardt, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Kansas at Lawrence. After conducting relevant research, she found out that men continue to move inside a woman until they receive acceptable feedback for themselves.

Simulated orgasm can be difficult for men to recognize

Moans, convulsions, arching of the back and release of claws are only external signs, sometimes having nothing to do with orgasm. This is the so-called imitation of it, which not all men are able to recognize.

If we proceed from statistics, then women really quite often imitate orgasm

65% of them do it sometimes, the other 25% turn to the art of imitation during each sexual intercourse.

All this is due to the fact that we do not know how to talk about intimacy, we are afraid to do it. Therefore, that very amazing sex for a particular couple is postponed indefinitely. But you don’t need so much: to feel, understand, speak. Don’t be afraid to do this with a partner you trust.

G-spot is the most important for coming

The female orgasm is brighter and more powerful. In general, the female orgasm is more difficult both physiologically and psychologically.

Psychologically, the quality of orgasmic experiences is highly dependent on the emotional mood

If the partner is worried about something, she may not reach the peak of pleasure at all. In physical terms, in general, everything is very confusing and interesting. If only due to the fact that a woman can theoretically experience several types of orgasm, different in duration, strength, depth and severity: clitoral, vaginal, uterine and G-spot orgasm. The latter is the strongest and the most intensive.

The ability to have an orgasm depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle

As a rule, arousal is stronger in the middle of the cycle. This is due to the instinctive need to conceive offspring. In some phases of the cycle, a woman may not want sex at all.

Women, like men, are capable of having orgasms in their sleep

From the point of view of sexology, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, unrelated either to erotic dreams or to the rhythm of sexual life during wakefulness. There is even no connection to whether a woman is engaged in masturbation or not.

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10 Interesting Female Orgasm Facts
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