The strangest sexual practices of the world nations

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The sexual customs of the people of the world are often quite bizarre. Something that one can only imagine about sex in daring fantasies, and much that would not even come to one’s mind, for some people is a boring duty or a regular tradition.

Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the demiurge Atum also created the sky from his own seed. Besides, you do not need to have a degree in history and mythology to guess how he did it. The ebb and flow of the Nile was also thought to be the result of Atum’s masturbation.

Therefore, during a drought, a pharaoh, the “father of the people”, had to sublimate Atum. Therefore, he used to do all the same procedures straight to the Nile, while priests and hundreds of grateful Egyptians watched him.


Several tribes in Australia worshiped the Kananinya spirit of sex. To appease him, the aborigines practiced the exchange of wives and ritual orgies. Thus, they thought that with a new wife a man would start a new life, leaving all sins in the past.

There was also a tradition according to which young men and women undertook long-distance travel. They did it in order to find sexual partners for themselves far from their native tribe.


In some highlands of the Himalayas, the tradition of polyandry was widespread. Brothers from the same family married one woman. The reason for this was purely economic. In the mountains there is little land suitable for cultivation. In the family, parents found one wife for all the sons at once, in order to live as one family in harmony and happiness.


Seven times a year, Indonesia celebrates Pon Festival. Residents go to the island of Java to take part in the ritual of attracting happiness and good luck. All you have to do is have sex with a stranger. Nevertheless, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Good luck will come to you only if this same stranger is the same person all seven times in a year.

Wudabe tribe, Niger

The tribe of “taboo people” or Wudab accepts early marriages. However, once a year, at the ritual festival of Gerevol, men put on ornate clothes, paint their faces and dance. Women (even married ones) can choose new husbands from among them.

If a couple manages to slip away from the holiday unnoticed (for example, by the woman’s previous husband), this is considered to be a confirmation of marriage, and the couple can live together openly.

Guajira, Colombia

In the Guajira district in northeastern Colombia, local residents – Indians – have been practicing ritual dances since ancient times. During the dance, the woman moves in a circle towards the man, and he backs away, retreating. If a woman accidentally touches a man during a dance, then she has to have sex with him.

Inis Beag, Ireland

The tiny islet of Inis Beag, Ireland, is home to a Puritan community of about 350 people. Agriculture and fishing is their main occupation. Sex in the community is prohibited, no one practices it for pleasure (this is the official version).

However, in order to procreate, the husband and wife do it strictly in a missionary position with the lights off. They do not even take off their underwear. All talk about sex on the island is are a strict taboo.


The Eskimos believe that during a crop failure, hunger, disease or any other misfortune that befell the tribe, you need to swap wives in order to confuse evil spirits, to confuse them.


West African Ghana has two predominant religions: Christianity in the south and Islam in the north. However, two centuries ago, the locals worshiped the spirits of deceased ancestors and believed that after one death of the spouses it was necessary to cleanse his spirit. For this, the widower or widow had to have sex with the first stranger they met.


The Lepcha people, numbering only 50 thousand people, live in Nepal, India and Bhutan. Some of them are Hindus, the rest profess Tibetan Buddhism. Despite this, they all believe in shamanic rituals. One of them says that a man should definitely have sex with his wife on the 3rd, 7th and 21st days after the birth of the child in order to speed up the process of her recovery.

South Africa

In some tribes in South Africa people get severe punishment because of the adultery. A man has a terrible flogging with thorny branches of a bush. A woman gets a cactus into her vagina. They also cannot have sex before sunset, during a storm, after killing a python or a hyena while hunting.

Congo and Sudan

In Congo and Sudan, adultery is cruelly punished: traitors are brutally killed, and the man’s upper lip, ears, hands and penis are cut off.


Among the inhabitants of Mozambique and pygmies, kissing has long been banned, since the process of exchanging saliva was considered unclean. Tellingly, both of them practiced ritual orgies on religious holidays.

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The strangest sexual practices of the world nations
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