8 Little-Known Facts about Sex


The time has long passed when it had been forbidden to talk about sex. In the era of the sexual revolution, people openly talk about sexual relationships and sex toys. Just because of this emancipation, the society learned some information about intimate life, which had not been previously honored with attention.

1. Sports and sex are great allies

As it turned out, the concentration of testosterone (the hormone responsible for pleasure) rises after exercise. So you do not get mad at your partner who went to the gym or for jogging, against your desire to stay with you in the bed. Gather your will into a fist, and when your loved one crosses the threshold of the house, boldly drag him to bed. Do not miss the moment, which is ideal for unforgettable sex and pleasure. By the way, along with sports, intimacy is an excellent tool for shedding extra pounds.

2. All the best what we can get is a small fast sex parcel

Do you know that sperm of a human being have high speed and amazing memory? For example, one “tail” contains 37.5 megabytes of data on the DNA of its owner, and can move at speeds up to 45 km / h (28 mph).

3. The ovum are responsible for sexual appetite

Every woman regularly has situations when the desire to have sex becomes insane. No need to be scared, you do not turn into a nymphomaniac and do not go crazy. It is just the time for ovulation – the process of the ovum leaving the egg. This is an absolutely natural process. And with the help of increased sexual appetite, the body reports that the egg needs fertilization.

4. Some kinds food and drinks are natural aphrodisiacs

For example, for the men, the pumpkin is the strongest aphrodisiac. If you want your partner to have a unbridled desire, prepare him something tasty of this cultivar of winter squash.

At the same time apples help to boost your female libido

They also prevent sexual dysfunctions. Do not forget about another delicious product, which all of us love so much – chocolate. It increases sexual desire in both men and women.

5. Litter of a crocodile was used as a contraceptive

Very entertaining fact. Ancient Greek women used crocodile droppings to prevent pregnancy. Scientists to this day build hypotheses, from where they became aware of such properties of the litter. Of course and luckily to all women, in the modern world it is not relevant.

6. During orgasm, the brain turns off

Do you know that the fair sex at the peak of sexual pleasure disables the amygdala located in the brain? As a result, people having sex lose control over both movements and thoughts. If you notice that at such a moment thoughts about other things flash in your head, then you can come to the conclusion that it is time to change the technique of sex or even an intimate partner.

7. Income matters

According to studies conducted by scientists, if a woman earns more than her sexual partner, then the likelihood of an erectile dysfunction in the latter increases.

However, if a person is sexually active, then his or her productivity as a whole increases

Accordingly, you should not have the hip, be active in bed, and the chances that you will success in work will increase significantly.

8. Extra pounds is only a plus for sex

As it turned out, people who are overweight can have sex longer, due to the fact that ejaculation takes a longer period.

You think that you know absolutely everything about sex

But in practice, everything happens exactly the opposite. The more information from various sources comes to us, the more we convince ourselves that we know almost nothing about this such important part of our life.

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8 Little-Known Facts about Sex
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