10 fun cat facts for children


Cats are amazing creatures, as much as it is more accurate to say, that cats choose their owners, than that people own cats. Felines even know how to force their owners unnoticeably to do what they want.

There is a special term for cat admirers: “ailurophiles”. Cat Personalities want their adorable pets to have everything they need to be happy, well-groomed, healthy and even spoiled.

There are many reasons why cats are so popular in almost all countries of the world. They are very unusual and at the same time cute creatures. The only thing that kitties do not like most is to change their place of residence and their owners, so new owners often have to adjust to their new furry friend.

Let’s look at our feline friends from different angles and find out some interesting and funny cat facts

A cat can carry one litter of more than one tabby.

The normal weight of the cat is on average 11 lbs (5 kg), but the heaviest ever registered cat weighed about 44 lbs (20 kg)!

The cat’s heart beats twice as fast as ours, namely 140 beats per minute.

Cats have four toes on their hind legs, but five on the front.

A large number of cat breeds do not have eyelashes at all. Meanwhile, moggies have a third eyelid, called a blinking membrane.

Felines are not completely colorblind – they see blue, red and green colors.

Cats are incredibly adroit and graceful creatures, and they enjoy many amazing and subtle things. The beauty of these lovely domestic creatures also depends on their attitude towards their owners. They are very clean animals and, as a rule, dig in their excrements to hide their tracks. On the other hand, cats label their territory, and this smell can be a problem. Although if the cat has been sterilized, it will do so much less.

Cats spend about a third of their time on caring for themselves.

Within 24 hours their sleep is up to 16 hours.

The largest registered litter in the amount of 14 kittens belongs to the Persian cat.

The oldest cat lived 38 years old, its name was Puff and it lived in England.

Some more amazing facts for kids about our pets

It is believed that Isaac Newton was the first person who invented the special door for cats, although there is no direct proof for this.

When a cat died in Ancient Egypt, its owners shaved their brows as a sign of mourning.

In ancient Egypt, if someone killed a cat, not even on purpose, this person could get death sentence.

Despite the fact that some breeds are extremely communicative with their owners and other people. Moreover, it is believed that the more you talk with the cat, the more the cat will respond to you (meow in response). It is known that felines produce about 100 sounds, and dogs only 10.

Meanwhile, kitties rarely meow with each other. When a group of cats is fighting, they can be very noisy, but they do not mew at each other even when they are very worried.

At the age of about a week, kittens begin to dream of an adult life.

All kittens have blue eyes immediately after birth, but they change color as they grow up.

Some kitties successfully use the usual toilet, and can even learn to flush after themselves, after going to the bathroom!

A few more amazing facts for kids about our sweet cats

Felines do not like food with taste of mice!

Cats do not think that they are small people, they more like see their owners as big felines!

Cats are beautiful and truly clever little creatures, and they know how to get what they want. It’s always nice to watch cats play with any toys that we offer them. However, when they play with toys, in fact they practice their hunting skills!

Cats do not eat sweeties, as they do not feel sweet taste.

Male cats, unlike lady-cats, are usually left-handed, and most lady-cat on the contrary are right-handed.

Felines can not climb the tree head down, because their claws grow in the wrong direction to do it.

According to a legend, a group of cats got out of the mouth of the lion. This happened after Noah prayed to God that the rats did not eat all the food in his ark!

Cats can reach speeds of up to 30 mph (50 km per hour), but only for short distances. Therefore, they are faster than the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt, whose speed is 27 mph (43 km per hour).

Kitties have amazing ability to survive after falling from a great height. These abilities are due to excellent reflexes and balance provided by inner ears. Consequently, they can fall accurately on their feet. There were cases when felines survived when falling from 32 floors to concrete. The record of the longest non-fatal fall in the world belongs to a cat that fell from the 46th floor of the building and survived.

Moggies love stroking, although sometimes they show that they are not into it. However, when the cat rubs its face against the omner, it is not a simple sign of affection. In this manner, they mark the person who owns them. Meanwhile, they do it using the smell of special glands located around their face.

In Europe and North America, a black cat is considered an unfortunate sign. While in the UK and Australia on the contrary: black cats bring good luck.

The smallest cat with a pedigree is Singaporean. Cats of this breed weigh no more than 4 lbs (1.8 kg).

Meanwhile, the largest cat on the planet is Maine Coon cat breed, their weight reaches up to 25 lbs (11.5 kg).

Mogs do not like walking on water, because their fur cannot protect them from getting wet, like it does for many other animals!

Every cat owner knows that cats like to sleep. However, many of us do not know how much the cat usually sleeps. According to calculations, cats spend 70% of life dozing.

Some funny facts about cats

People can not drink sea water, but kitties amazingly can. Their kidneys filter the salt.

Experts state that moggies hear ultrasonic noise. Theoretically, they can hear the ultrasonic language of rodents and dolphins.
The most expensive domestic feline is a Bengal cat, precisely, a short-haired hybrid named Zeus. The price for Zeus, 90% Bengal and 10% domestic shorthair cat, has been $ 154,000.

According to researchers, the cat’s brain is like the human brain. According to some sources, the cat’s brain is 90 percent identical to the human brain. Kitties and humans have almost identical brain areas, including the cerebral cortex with similar lobes. Nevertheless, cats have magnetized brain cells that act as compasses, allowing them to easily find their way home.

Felines have 300 million neurons, meanwhile, dogs have about 160 million neurons.

The cat named Stubbs was the mayor of Takitna in Alaska for 15 years.

Most cats are lactose intolerant, so milk is not the most suitable product for them.

Domestic moggies are good hunters. As a consequence, stray domestic cats contributed to the extinction of 33 different species of animals.

The first feline in space was the French cat, named Felisett, and it was able to survive.

Although scintists always thought that the ancient Egyptians had domesticated the cats, a recent discovery cast doubt on this claim. Thus, experts have found the burial of cats, made 9500 years ago on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Felines retain their amazing features and habits for many centuries. With good care and attention, cats can live a very long time, which means that they really become part of the family. If you are thinking about starting a kitten or a cat, you better choose a pet in one of your local animal shelters. Who knows, maybe one of these beautiful creatures will get a second chance to have a great life?

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10 fun cat facts for children