Most interesting and little known facts about planet Venus


Usually people associate Venus with love and passion. Probably, this amazing planet was named in honor of the Goddess of Love. It has almost identical parameters and weight with Earth. These are the only joint features of the planets.

Furthermore, the atmosphere and surface of Venus are not suitable for life. In this case, it is not known whether there is life on this planet. Perhaps, aliens live there?

Further, we offer to read more interesting and amazing facts about the planet Venus.

1. First of all Venus is situated closer to Earth than all the other planets of our Solar system.

Astrophysicists also call Venus the twin sister of our Earth

3. Two sister planets are very similar to each other only by external dimensions, another specialists mention.

4. In contrast, the geophysical situation of the two planets is quite different.

5. Seems like the internal structure of Venus is not fully known.

6. Above all, it is not possible to carry out seismic sounding of Venusian depths.

7. In contrast, scientists can explore the space near Venus and its surface using radio signals.

8. Furthermore, our sister planet can boast of its youth – it’s only 500 million years.

9. Nuclear methods have helped to establish the young age of the planet.

10. It was possible to take samples of Venusian soil.

11. Most noteworthy, aAppropriate scientific measurements of samples in terrestrial laboratories were certainly carried out.

Earth analogs haven’t been found, despite a certain external similarity of Earth and Venus

13. Seems like, each planet is individual in its geological composition.

14. The Venusian diameter is 12,100 km. For comparison, the diameter of Earth is 12742 km.

15. Close values of diameters are most likely due to gravitational laws.

16. Someone has established a strict order: each planet must have its own suite – satellites. However, Venus and Mercury have not been honored.

17. Consequently, Venus does not have a single satellite.

18. The average density of rocks composing the poetic planet is less than the analogous parameter of the Earth.

19. The planetary mass reaches almost 80% of its sister planet’s mass.

20. The small weight relative to the Earth reduces, respectively, the force of gravity.

21. If we have a desire to visit Venus, then we will not have to lose weight before traveling.

22. Even more, we will be lighter on the neighboring planet.

23. Gravitational stability dictates its orders and tells the planets which way they have to turn. Cosmic Nature gave the universal right to rotate, as it should, that is, clockwise, only to two planets – Venus and Uranus.

24. The Venus day is a dream of people who always lack earthly twenty-four hours.

The day on Venus lasts longer than its own year

26. Poets, when they chant Venus, consider day for year.

27. The lyricists are very close to the truth. Rotation of the planet around its axis takes 243 our usual earthly days.

28. Venus rotates around the Sun in 225 days.

29. Solar radiation with partial reflection from the surface of Venus gives it a dazzling light.

30. In the night sky, our sister planet is the brightest.

31. When Venus is at a close distance to us, it looks like a thin crescent moon.

32. At the maximum distance relative to Earth Venus does not look so bright.

33. When Venus is far from the Earth, its light becomes dim, and itself becomes round.

34. Most noteworthy, massive vortex clouds, like a blanket, have completely covered Venus.

35. Large craters and mountain ranges located on the Venusian surface are practically invisible.

36. Sulfuric acid plays a decisive role in the formation of Venusian clouds.

Venus is rather a planet of thunderstorms

38. Due to stormy “rains” which occur constantly, sulfuric acid falls out (instead of water).

39. During chemical reactions, acids form in the clouds of Venus.

40. Zinc, plumbum and even diamonds seem like dissolving in the Venusian atmosphere.

41. When going on a trip to the glorified by the poets planet, it is best to leave the jewelry at earthly home.

42. Our jewelry can be completely dissolved.

43. Only four Earth days are required for clouds to fly around Venus.

44. The main component of the atmosphere of Venus is carbon dioxide.

45. The carbon dioxide content reaches 96%.

46. The Venusian greenhouse effect is due to a large percentage of carbon dioxide.

There are three plateaus on the surface of Venus

48. Geological objects of Venus have an extended view and are surrounded by plains.

49. It is impossible to observe Venusian objects because of the dense layer of clouds.

50. The researchers found massive Venus plateaus and other geological formations by means of a radar.

51. The most unusual and mysterious is the plateau Ishtar Terra.

52. According to earthly ideas, Ishtar Terra is very large.

53. Geophysical measurements carried out with the help of aerospace observations showed that Ishtar Terra is larger than the US territory.

54. Most noteworthy, volcanic lava is the basis of the foundations on Venus.

55. As a result, almost all geological objects of the planet consist of lava.

56. Venusian lava cools very slowly because of high temperatures.

57. How slowly do lava flows become frozen? Seems like, millions of our geological years.

58. The Venusian surface is literally full of volcanoes. Hence, there are thousands of them on the planet.

59. Above all, intensive volcanic processes are an important component in the formation of Venus.

60. What is inadmissible on Earth, is likewise in the order of things on this amazing planet, we mean: the inverse of many geophysical conditions.

61. Finally, it is difficult to imagine the extent of the lava flow in a thousand kilometers in the conditions of the modern Earth.

62. Marvelous Venusian streams can be observed with the help of radar.

63. Psychologists often recommend people to look at grains of sand that roll down from the top of the mountain on samples. It’s time to put into practice the study of the flow of Venusian currents.

64. People have come to regard the desert as sandy. But things are different on Venus.

65. Most noteworthy, Earth consciousness should be extended, because the Venusian deserts are rock formations that form a peculiar landscape of Venus.

66. Therefore, for decades, both poets and scientists believed that high humidity predominates on the sister planet.

67. The researchers have assumed that there are extensive wetlands.

68. Scientists have hoped to find on Venus living substance forms, which are known to prefer to originate in a warm water mass.

69. After studying obtained experimental data, it turned out that only lifeless plateaus extend on Venus.

70. Mountain spring, mountain clean stream. Likewise, going on a trip to Venus, please forget all these concepts.

71. Furthermore, we will meet absolutely dehydrated deserts from the rocks on our neighboring planet.

72. The climate of Venus is characterized simply. Consequently this is an absolute drought and the same maximum heat.

73. Hence you will not sunbathe on this planet, it’s too hot (+ 1,180 ° F).

Probably water used to be once on Venus

75. Now on the planet there is not a single drop of water due to the high temperature.

76. Specialists in geological sciences suggest that water was on the planet about 300 million years ago.

77. The intensity of solar radiation has greatly increased during the geological time and the water dried up.

78. Above all, a very high temperature in the Venusian area excludes the possibility of the existence of life.

79. The pressure on 1 square inch of the Venusian surface reaches almost one thousand pounds. Hence, relative to Earth, this value is more than 85 times.

80. Consequently, if a person entrusts his decision to a coin and throws it up on Venus, then it will take a long time to decide, passing the atmosphere as the thickness of our ordinary water.

81. If you like to walk with your loved one on the earth’s surface, then before the trip to Venus you will have to take a training course on the sea or river bottom due to the special Venus atmosphere.

82. Hence, winds of Venus for people and equipment are unsafe.

83. Consequently, even a light breeze can be a storm on Venus.

84. Furthermore, breeze can take a person, like a light feather.

85. Most noteworthy information that the first spaceship which landed on the surface of the sister planet was a Soviet spaceship Venus-8. It finally happened in 1972.

In 1990, an American ship Magellan was sent to visit our almost twin planet for the reason that we knew it better

87. As a result of the radio-work of “Magellan”, scientists compiled a topographic map of the surface of this planet.

88. Constructive competitions in space continue. American ships have visited the hot planet three times less often than the Soviet and Russian ones.

89. What planet was first to be seen by the astronauts from the porthole? Of course, our mother Earth. And then Venus.

90. The magnetic field is almost not felt.

91. As seismologists say, you cannot certainly ring Venus.

92. Some experimental data indicate that the Venus core is liquid.

93. In contrast, the core of the planet is less than terrestrial one.

While poets glorify the ideal forms of Venus, we don’t know much about it

95. Poetic lyrists were similarly right. Seems like, if our Earth at the poles is flattened, then the shape of her sister is an ideal sphere.

96. Being on the Venusian surface, you can’t see the Sun and Earth because of the presence of a wrapping dense cloud mass.

97. Consequently, the low speed of rotation of the planet Venus leads to constant strong heating.

98. As a result on Venus, there can’t be shifts of the seasons.

99. The information component of the physical fields of the neighboring planet has not probably been detected.

100. Therefore, is there information on Venus? No one knows.

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Most interesting and little known facts about planet Venus