10 Unusual Facts about Kisses


Most men and women like to kiss. This tender practice gives a very pleasant feeling, excites and brings partners together. A tender and passionate kiss can instantly take away anguish and apathy, energize and give romantic vibes.

Learn about the most interesting facts about kisses. Perhaps this new information will help you to love this pleasant activity even more.


1. In almost all countries of the world, kiss are a common and clear phenomenon. However, there have not been such manifestations of tenderness in Asia and Africa.

2. Kisses perfectly strengthen the immune system. The fact is that when you touch the lips of another person and you exchange saliva with him or her. It sounds like something unpleasant, but in practice it is really sweet and feels amazing. Although you transfer more than three hundred species of bacteria to each other. The protective system of the body is forced to fight foreign bacteria, which makes the immune system stronger.

If you want to relax and get rid of stress, just hug your loved one and give him or her a hot and tender kiss. This will surely help you forget about the problems

4. There are special neurons in the human brain that help kissing with a partner in complete darkness. Thanks to this neuron, you can “find” the lips of another person with closed eyes.

5. Special studies have shown that men who love to kiss and regularly delight their women with tenderness in the morning are more likely to build a successful career.

6. In ancient Rome, in order to fasten the contract, the representatives of the parties had to give each other a kiss. Perhaps that is why now the marriage ceremony ends with a kiss too.

On average, each person spends more than two weeks just kissing in his or her entire life

8. In order to burn six calories, you need to kiss for a whole minute. So if you do not like going into sports, but do not want to get a bigger waist, be gentle with your partner more often.

9. Men prefer to kiss before being in bed with a woman, but ladies love kissing before, during and after sex too. Women adore kissing.

10. Men are unlikely to refuse sex with a woman who kisses ineptly. But women can change their mind about making love with a man who does not kiss well.

There are people who do not like kissing at all, but fortunately there are few of them. If your partner avoids kisses, this does not mean that he does not love you. If he shows tenderness in other ways, then everything is in order.

But even if your partner does not want to kiss, you can do him pleasure by kissing his neck or covering his whole body with kisses. Hardly anyone will refuse such desirable kisses.

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10 Unusual Facts about Kisses
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