Ulysses S. Grant Facts

Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant is the 18th president of the United States, who served from March 4, 1869 to March 4, 1877. He was born in 1822 in Point Pleasant (Ohio), in a poor family with Scottish roots. His father was a merchant. Ulysses had five siblings.

In the paperwork, Grant’s mother’s maiden name, Simpson, was mistakenly identified as Ulysses’ middle name. Deciding not to change anything, Grant left the name Ulysses Simpson as the history states.

The father of the future president wanted his son to get a good education

As a result, Ulysses visited many schools. Finally at the request of his father, Ulysses S. Grant entered the military academy of the American army. Then Ulysses S. Grant graduated from West Point.

At the age of 21, Grant received the rank of officer and began his service in the IV US Infantry Regiment. The American soldier and future politician participated in the Mexican War (1846 – 1848), considering this war unfair. After the war, Grant got promotion to the rank of captain and married the daughter of a colleague – Julia Dent.

Ulysses S. Grant served in California and Oregon

Because of the constant drinking problem, he resigned from military service in 1854. After that he returned to St. Louis, where lived his family, because it was very expensive to live with him while he was on service.

In 1860 Ulysses S. Grant moved to Illinois, where he began farming. Unfortunately he could not earn enough money for his family and left this business.

When the civil war broke out, Ulysses S. Grant volunteered for the 21st Illinois Regiment

Grant was later appointed a brigade general. Moreover, after his forces ousted the Confederates from Kentucky, he became a hero, and Abraham Lincoln assigned him the rank of major general. Why? Because he forced the Confederate army to “unconditional surrender” as he called this phenomenon.

Grant still had a strong addiction to cigars, and he also continued to drink a lot.

After the war, Ulysses S. Grant served as Minister of War. Grant reproached President Andrew Johnson for threatening the unity of the Union through his political actions. Therefore, the popular Grant became a candidate for the post of president in the eyes of the Republicans.

Having received 214 electoral votes, in November 1868, Grant won the presidential election. He not only became the president of the United States, but also served it for two terms. Grant’s presidency got association with rampant corruption in the presidential administration, waste of budget funds and a five-year economic crisis.

After the presidency, Grant said that was exhausted and decided to travel around the world. His world tour lasted approximately two and a half years.

Returning to the USA Ulysses S. Grant became a businessman, but soon ex-president went bankrupt. He lived the last years of his life in New York.

In 1882, he accepted Mark Twain’s proposal for writing memoirs, upon completion of which in 1885, Grant passed away. The book became a national bestseller and allowed the heirs of the president to pay off all debts.

Thanks to his initials, “U.S.” President Grant received two nicknames – “American Grant (US grant)” and “Unconditional Surrender .” He honestly earned the last nickname with his limp presidency.

Ulysses Simpson Grant died of laryngeal cancer on July 23, 1885 in Mount McGregor (NY).

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Ulysses S. Grant Facts
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