The Most Absurd Fad Diets in History


There was no shortage of strange and quite ridiculous diets in our history. At all times, people have sought to lose weight, often choosing rather unusual methods for this. The examples below show how far they were prepared to go in order to lose extra pounds. We must warn you that some of the diets can be dangerous and should not be used.

The search for miracle diets has been going on for many centuries and continues to this day. While we will find it, how many more experiments will mankind set itself?

1. Lord Byron’s vinegar diet, which nearly ruined an entire generation of artists and writers

Lord Byron was one of those people who feared weight gain, and took a lot of precautions to prevent this from happening. While studying in Cambridge, he limited himself to cookies and soda water or just potatoes soaked in vinegar. Throughout his life, the poet adhered to strict diets and consumed water with vinegar.

In addition to this, George Gordon Byron wore a large number of woolen clothes to sweat well and thereby get rid of extra pounds. But this was not enough.

He smoked several cigars, inflicting an even greater blow to his health

Everything would be fine, but Lord Byron had a great influence on his generation. Impressive romantics, in order to have a fashionable pale complexion, pumped themselves with water and vinegar. Unfortunately, not everyone survived this experiment with the health.

2. Diet “Eat whatever you want, but with a little arsenic”

The idea is to eat everything you want, and at the same time losing weight has always been tempting. Selling weight loss pills at all times has been a lucrative business. The 19th century is no exception.

Only then there were some receipts containing dangerous ingredients – arsenic and strychnine. According to Louise Foxcroft, a historian and writer, they were sold as “metabolic boosters.” Although the pills contained only a small amount of poison, they were still dangerous. Moreover, given that women in their attempt to lose weight could drink several servings, the medicine turned into a murder weapon.

3. The Banting diet was very unusual

An English carpenter named William Banting had very big problems with being overweight. By the age of 60, having tried all kinds of physical exercises and diets, he finally found one that was suitable for him. The bottom line is in low-carb diets.

Mainly only protein foods remain on the menu

Using it, a person loses weight without suffering from hunger.

Finally, Banting published a brochure that was a great success. In Sweden, his name is still synonymous with diet. Using it, you can really lose weight, but it is harmful to people with chronic kidney diseases.

4. The Graham diet made people get rid of their sexual desire

The idea of the connection between food and morality has existed for a very long time. In the 1830s, the American priest Sylvester Graham became preoccupied with the problem of excessive sexual activity of fellow citizens. It was necessary to do something.

Therefore, he decided that sexual desire was caused by fatty foods. So, you need to promote fresh food.

Graham developed a diet that contained grains, fruits, and vegetables, but lacked meat and spices

Thousands of people became his supporters. The priest even introduced his own bread recipe. This project has been very successful.

5. “The Art of Living Long” – a diet that allowed to consume more wine than food

One of the earliest bestsellers on diets, “The Art of Living Long”, dates back to 1558. Luigi Cornaro invented it, limiting his food intake to 14 ounces (400 grams) per day. Later, he became more strict to himself and limited himself to one egg per day. Nevertheless, the Cornaro diet had a significant plus. He allowed himself 18 ounces (500 grams) of wine. It is not known whether this diet helped everyone to live long and be thin as a stick, but Luigi himself died at the age of 98.

6. Lose weight without doing anything – diet “Sleeping Beauty”

Here is a diet for really lazy people! You will not need any effort at all. This is a key condition in the Sleeping Beauty diet.

The theory behind the diet is very simple: if you sleep, you cannot eat

How can you achieve the best results? Staying a sleep for a long time. A strange way of losing weight, but it can work if you do not stick to the refrigerator the rest of the time while you are awake.

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The Most Absurd Fad Diets in History
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