The Most Disgusting Food from around the World

disgusting food

The most disgusting food that can only be found in different parts of the world. And the look of these overseas delicacies does not even cause a desire to try this muck.

1. Beauneggi – South Korea

The South Koreans cook and stew silkworm pupae. It is a very popular snack. They eat beondegs as a separate dish with sauce and spices, or add to other recipes. Some connoisseurs believe that they taste like wood, and chew like rubber.

2. Kui – Peru, Ecuador, Colombia

This is a type of guinea pigs. The Peruvians grow them on farms in order to eat them later. Those who have tasted a kui dish say that it tastes somewhat like a rabbit. But usually they fry them whole, and it looks, to put it mildly, frightening.

3. Drunken Shrimp – China

Another dish for lovers with deviations. In China, you can eat a freshwater shrimp, which is still alive without cooking. They are just pickled for some time in hard liquor, and they accordingly become drunk.

4. Flying Fox Soup – Indonesia, Palau

In Southeast Asia and parts of South America, people eat flying fox (fruit bat or megabat) meat. It is completely edible and does not cause disgust. In Palau, the fox is cooked whole, even with its wool. Few tourists dare to try this not so traditional on our country delicacy.

5. Sannakchi – South Korea

This dish is not for the faint of heart, but is in demand among the local population and visitors. The tentacles of the small octopus that have just been cut off continue to jerk randomly on the plate. Sannakchi served with sesame oil. The bonus is the risk of choking.

6. Mopane Worms – Africa

The large caterpillars of the peacock-eye butterfly (Gonimbrasia belina) are a good source of protein for many Africans. They usually cultivate these caterpillars in trees, boil and dry them in the sun. In South Africa, people cultivate this delicacy on farms, and even serve it in restaurants.

7. Century eggs – China

In China, the snack, known also as preserved egg, is very popular. After the eggs are kept, from two weeks to four months, in an alkaline environment, they take on a truly disgusting appearance The Chinese use for this: lime, ash and salt.

Instead of the usual protein, a jelly-like substance, and the yolk turns into a swamp-colored liquid. Oddly enough, the taste is not as disgusting as the sight. Only the yolk has a little bit ammonia taste.

8. Blood Pancakes – Sweden, Finland

The Scandinavians bake Blood pancakes Blodplättar as usual, but the main ingredient is fresh blood from a pig or deer. This is a fairly ancient dish that has many fans even nowadays.

9. Bird’s Nest Soup – Southeast Asia

This delicacy is very expensive, for one kilogram (2,2 pounds) of “bird’s nests” they ask for 2,300 dollars. Cooks only use for such an exotic soup nests, built by swiftlets, who actually use their saliva for this. The Asians consider the soup from these nests as healing. This dish gets appreciations only by true gourmets. In appearance, it is very similar to liquid mucus of an indefinite color, but the taste remains a secret. Maybe it’s for the better?

10. Hákarl – Iceland

The Vikings invented this dish, knows as fermented shark. Polar sharks were abundant in those days, but it was quite difficult to eat them because of the high content of urea. Therefore, the Vikings caught sharks, butchered them and buried in stones for a while.

In the stones, the meat quietly decayed and got rid of urea. Then, it was still brought to “readiness” in the fresh air for a couple of months. Today, some local people, following the traditions of their ancestors, also eat such rotten fish. But imagine how a badly rotten shark can stink!

11. Wasp Cookies – Japan

This dish has appeared in Japan quite recently, it became popular in the XXI century. The Japanese like making cookies from rice flour mixed with boiled wild wasps. The author of this delicacy is unknown. As we have found out most tourists are in no hurry to try it, although crackers, thanks to wasps, have a lot of protein and are quite healthy.

12. Huitlacoche – Mexico

In Mexico, Huitlacoche is also called the ” Corn smut, fungus or Mexican truffle.” It is not just some kind of disgusting food, but a pest fungus that parasitizes on the cob. It grows into a disgusting form of something that you do not want to try at all. However, the locals do not think so, they not only appreciate Huitlacoche, but also consider it a delicacy.

13. Fried Spiders – Cambodia

It should be understood that the idea of frying tarantulas did not come from a good life. In the years when the Khmer Rouge were atrocious in Cambodia, there was very difficult to get some food. That is why, people came up with the idea to eat spiders. The custom has taken root, and these days the locals eat fried spiders themselves, and offer them to tourists on the streets.

14. Tuna Eyes – Japan

In the Land of the Rising Sun, you can meet various exotic dishes, which they just do not cook! But one of the most disgusting kind of food is fish eyes. They are eaten stewed or fried. When you bite through a shell resembling a rubber boot, a surprise will await inside you in the form of a slimy substance that remotely tastes like squid.

15. Shiokara – Japan

Another “masterpiece of culinary” of disgusting food from Japan. Few people know Shiokara outside the country, and judging by the method of preparation, it becomes clear why. The Japanese marinate a squid, with its own entrails, in a sealed container for about a month.

There is no reason to argue about the taste of this delicacy, but it is quite possible to imagine how the rotten entrails of fish stink.

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The Most Disgusting Food from around the World
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