Coffee. Interesting Facts and Myths


In many sources, we can find numerous information about the negative consequences of drinking coffee. However, most of them do not have real coverage in mass media, and scientific research has denied them. What information about such a popular drink is true, and which one we can consider as myths?


Regular coffee drinking does not increase blood pressure. Therefore, the restriction of such a popular drink in the prevention or treatment of hypertension is not justified. Rare consumtion of this beverage can slightly increase blood pressure, but only temporarily.

Therefore, the information that patients with hypertension should not drink this beverage is not true. Even drinking a few cups of it per day does not affect blood pressure.


The roasted bean coffee composition contains a carcinogen, acrylamide. Research, however, does not confirm the association between consumption of such a popular drink and cancer incidence.

There is a suggestion that such a popular drink can have a prophylactic effect for some cancers.

Speaking of cancer of further organs:

– breasts
– digestive tract
– prostate

Existing studies do not provide enough information to state with confidence that coffee prevents these cancers, but most suggest that this adored beverage has some protective effect. This is probably due to the fact that the test substance in coffee is caffeine, while researchers pay less attention to other popular drink ingredients that also affect our health.


Coffee is a diuretic. Therefore, they say that it washes certain important minerals out, such as calcium and magnesium. Therefore, we can make an assumption that regular and prolonged consumption of this beverage reduces bone density (osteoporosis). There is no reliable scientific evidence supporting the negative effects of coffee on bones.


Scientist have already confirmed the analgesic effect of so much adored drink. In pharmacies, we can find drugs that combine caffeine and paracetamol. There is also scientific evidence that the use of both ingredients gives a better effect than a single use of paracetamol or ibuprofen.


Drinking of this common beverage can be supportive for athletes, especially for runners. What do they get from such a common beverage?
For sprinters, drinking coffee can increase muscle irritability. What is interesting: for long-distance runners, it enhances metabolism.


Specialists have proven that coffee improves concentration and also improves memory. The effect of its use is also visible in people who have trouble sleeping. In this group, it was proved that the use of this drink also has a beneficial effect on driving, as it increases the reaction rate.


According to cosmetics manufacturers, caffeine can support hair growth by stimulating the release of growth factors in hair follicles. Therefore, beauticians recommend caffeine-containing products for topical use, especially for people with alopecia.

Caffeine-added peels are also available on the market. According to beauticians, they should help fight cellulite. They claim that this is due to the activating effect of caffeine on metabolism.

Although many studies conducted on athletes confirm the effect of orally administered caffeine on increasing metabolism, only a few sources indicate this nature of the effect when applied topically. However, caffeine can be absorbed through the skin, which suggests that, to some extent, its consumption can help fight cellulite.

As you can see, coffee is widely used in many areas. Though information about its effect is often false. There should be reliable scientific studies, which in most of the situations do not confirm the negative impact of this common beverage on our health.

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Coffee. Interesting Facts and Myths
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