10 Celebrities who are Guinness World Records holders

Justin Bieber Guinness World Records

As a rule, actors and musicians hold Guinness World Records as a result of a combination of circumstances beyond their control. Such as receiving the highest fee, selling the largest number of albums, etc.

However, some celebrities become champions in completely uncharacteristic ways. For example, they make the biggest cocktail, take a selfie with the longest stick and shout the loudest.

1. Dwayne Johnson

A popular actor with a sonorous pseudonym the Rock got into the famous records book three times. Thus, for the first time his name appeared in the collection of Guinness World Records in 2007 for the highest fee ever paid for the first major role. Therefore, he got $ 5.5 million for the role of Metayas, the King of Scorpions.

In 2015, Dwayne Johnson again became a Guinness World Records champion as a celebrity. At the premiere of the film “San Andreas Fault” in London, the actor, using his smartphone, made 105 selfies with fans just in three minutes. At the same time, in order to achieve a record, it was important that all the images taken were not blurry.

The Rock did an excellent job

Moreover, two years after this, the famous actor set another record: he prepared the largest amount of dip sauce 540 lbs (almost 245 kg). It was a donation to a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles for distribution the food to the homeless.

2. Ben Stiller

In 2016, at the London premiere of the movie “ Zoolander 2”, actor Ben Stiller took a photo using the world’s longest selfie stick. Its length was 3,3 ft (8.56 m), and it was made of a pole for washing windows. The event was attended by a representative of Guinness World Records, who handed Ben Stiller a certificate confirming his achievement.

3. Farrell Williams

In the fall of 2013, American singer Farrell Williams made the longest video clip in music history. The length of the video for the song “Happy” was 24 hours. During this time, the 4-minute track “Happy” is played in a circle 360 times. A variety of people dance to it, including celebrities.

4. Eminem in the Guinness Book of Records

Marshall Bruce Mathers, better known by his alias Eminem, got into Guinness World Records in 2013 thanks to his song “Rap God”. The track lasts 6 minutes, and during this time the rapper read 1,560 words. And in one of the verses, Eminem uttered 97 words in 15 seconds.

5. Snoop Dog

In 2018, American rapper Snoop Dogg prepared the largest portion of a cocktail in the world. Thus, the musician immortalized his name on the pages of the famous book of records. In order to to make a Paradise cocktail, the famous musician used 315 liters (10651 ounces) of gin, 156 liters (5275 ounces) of apricot brandy and almost 106 liters (3584 ounces) of orange juice. The container with the drink was decorated with a giant straw, a pink umbrella and a watermelon strung on a sword.

6. Justin Bieber

The name of this famous Canadian pop R&B singer 14 times got into the Guinness Book of Records. It is noteworthy that, in addition to awards such as “The most popular track of the week on Spotify”, “The most watched channel on YouTube”, Justin Bieber until recently owned a kind of anti-record. That is that the singer’s video received the largest number of dislikes.

Almost 11 million users of the popular video hosting company didn’t like his song “Baby”

However, the video published by the official YouTube channel at the end of 2018 broke the record with 16 million dislikes.

7. Vin Diesel as a Guinness World Records holder

In November 2013, Vin Diesel, the star of the movie “Fast and Furious,” published a post on Facebook. The famous actor dedicated it to his deceased partner on the set and close life friend Paul Walker. The touching text received more than 8 million likes, becoming as the result the most popular post on Facebook.

8. Jackie Chan

Since 2012, the famous hero of comedy action movies Jackie Chan has officially been the actor with the biggest number of the performed tricks in the world.

9. Robert Downey Jr

The popular actor hit the Guinness World Records Book in 2013 thanks to his Chinese fans. For the 48th anniversary, the actor first visited the Celestial Empire. Thet Iron Man got an incredible postcard signed by 5,339 fans. By the way, Chinese celebrities Huang Xiaoming and Wang Xuezi were among them.

10. Madonna in Guinness World Records

Madonna appeared on the pages of the popular book several dozen times. Among other records, the following are noteworthy:

In the musical “Evita” (1996), the main character, performed by the singer, changed 85 different outfits in the frame. Thereby she set a record for the number of costumes. In addition to outfits, the actress’s hairstyle changed 42 times, earrings 56 times, earrings 39 times.
In 2014, at the Fool’s Paradise Drag party, 440 fans of the singer got dressed as Madonna.

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10 Celebrities who are Guinness World Records holders
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