15 Facts You May Not Know About The TV Show Friends

TV Show Friends

We dedicate this post to all fans of the popular TV series “Friends”, which became one of the most famous TV projects of all times, ranking among the best comedy series in the history of American television.

During ten seasons of the series, audience from many countries has followed the history of the friendship of the six heroes. In addition, many still periodically watch Friends with great pleasure. We found some fun facts about this beloved TV series that not many fans know but would surely like to learn.

15 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Friends

1. When Matt LeBlanc auditioned for the role of Joey, he only had $ 11 in his pocket. When the actors received their first royalties, the first thing he bought himself was a hot lunch. Meanwhile Courteney Cox bought a new car.

2. Actress Courteney Cox was the most famous in the cast. By the way, she should have got the role of Rachel, but after she read the script for several episodes, she asked for the role of Monica.

Pieces of art in the Central Perk coffee shop changed every three episodes

4. The statue of the white dog Joey (Matt LeBlanc) is a lucky present for actress Jennifer Aniston from her best friend, made at the very beginning of her acting career. She offered to borrow it for the filming of the episode, where Joey became rich and bought himself a bunch of things. After this episode, the producers decided to leave the statue.

5. Matthew Perry has been so witty that the writers included many of his own jokes in the script.

6. When Courteney Cox was made up as fat Monica for the first time, Matthew Perry walked past her without even recognizing.

7. Lisa Kudrow wrote the song “Smelly Cat” with her best friend one night while being inebriate. The song eventually made it onto the series.

In an interview for the book “Friends … Til ‘the End”, Matt LeBlanc admitted that he was in love with Jennifer Aniston

Thus, he once said: “I was a little in love with Jen in the beginning, but I think the whole world love her, so now?”

9. Prior to the distribution of roles in the series, Monica (Courteney Cox) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) had the main love subject. However, no romantic spark flashed between the actors, so other characters (Chandler and Rachel, respectively) made up the main couples (for different periods of time).

10. One fan of the show estimates that Joey has accumulated $ 119,760 in debt to Chandler throughout the ten seasons.

Lisa Kudrow was afraid of a duck that appeared in season 3

As you probably know this duck became the beloved pet of Joey.

12. Matthew Perry admitted that he barely remembers the filming period somewhere between 3 and 6 seasons. This happened due to his problems with alcohol addiction.

13. In the opening credits of “After Vegas” (Season 6, Episode 1), all actors, actresses and crew members had the surname Arquette plus to their own. This was a joke in tribute to Courtney Cox, who had just married David Arquette.

14. The gold frame around the door peephole was originally a mirror. However, Rick Parker, a member of the crew, accidentally broke it. Since it looked pretty good, they decided to keep her.

15. The refrigerators in Monica’s (Courteney Cox’s) and Joey’s (Matt LeBlanc’s) apartments did really work. Monica’s refrigerator had water and other drinks for the cast and crew. Joey’s refrigerator was usually nearly empty, except for those scenes when it appereared in some scene.

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15 Facts You May Not Know About The TV Show Friends
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