TOP 10 Myths about Potency

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There are many different myths about potency and the influence of various factors on it. However, not all of them are close to the truth. We propose to consider the most common misconceptions regarding male strength and describe them from the point of view of medicine, in which specialists in urology and sexology, will help us.

1. Prostatitis Harms Potency

Television ads for various prostate medications often focus on the fact that prostatitis harms sexual function. In reality, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy calling for the purchase of a particular medicine.

Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease of the prostate

While an erection is associated with the filling of the blood vessels of the penis. Therefore, the relationship between prostatitis and sexual dysfunction is just another conjecture to increase sales.

2. Alcohol Inhibits Erectile Function

This widespread legend can be close to the truth only if the man greatly abuses alcohol. In this case, the vascular endothelium is affected, which, in particular, affects potency. The mechanism of the development of disorders in this case is comparable to an atherosclerotic lesion. However, it is recommended not to exceed measures in the consumption of alcohol: not more than 150 ml (5 oz) of wine or 40 ml (1 oz) of strong alcohol.

3. Celery with Sour Cream Can Replace Viagra

Neither celery nor sour cream contain substances that in any way affect the blood vessels or hormonal background of a person. A common opinion about the content of phytotestosterone in celery does not have scientific evidence, however will not help men, unlike Viagra.

4. Pumpkin Seeds are an Excellent Aphrodisiac

Regular eating pumpkin seeds improves sperm quality due to its high zinc content. However, the effect of zinc or other components of pumpkin seeds on potency and arousal has not been proven by science.

5. More Frequent Sexual Intercourse Stimulates Libido

It is worth mentioning that rare sexual acts are unfavorable for the hormonal background, however, too frequent sex can also harm potency due to the usual tiredness of the man’s body. Nevertheless, the regularity of sexual intercourse in one way or another affects the content of testosterone, giving its level stability, which favorably affects both erectile function and sexual desire.

6. The Number of Ejaculations is Limited

One of the most unfounded myths about men’s health is the opinion that the number of ejaculations in a man’s life has limitations. Different sources call a different number, but most often it is about 5.500 acts. This statement is completely false.

Sperm production occurs throughout life, especially since it does not have a direct link with erection

7. The Size of the Nose is Proportional to the Length of the Genital

This is nothing more than another myth. The size of the male genital organs is affected by the sensitivity of the receptors to sex hormones and their content. Of course, this has nothing to do with the size or shape of the nose. It is worth noting that a sign of a high testosterone content is short stature and short fingers. The reason for this is the rapid closure of growth zones in childhood, which occurs due to increased levels of testosterone.

8. Beer Affects Hormones

To some extent this statement is true. Any beer is a source of estrogen, the excess intake of which in one way or another reduces the content of testosterone. However, in the case of moderate beer consumption (less than 0.5 liters or 17 oz per day), a negative effect on erectile function does not occur.

Chicken and milk, much more common in the diet, contain a high level of estrogen

This is due to the nutrition of animals on farms and the content of hormones in meat, as well as the high level of estrogen in cows after offspring.

9. Interrupted Sexual Acts Harm Potency

Frequent interrupted intercourse can cause prostatitis, which has a different development mechanism than erectile dysfunction. Interruption of sexual intercourse leads to stagnation of blood in the penis, and regular stagnation causes inflammation of the prostate.

10. Fatty Food Inhibits Sex Drive and Potency

Yes, fat is a source of cholesterol, an excess of which leads to atherosclerosis, which negatively affects an erection.

It is cholesterol that is the substrate for the synthesis of testosterone

Therefore, the complete exclusion of animal fat from the diet is likely to negatively affect potency and sexual desire. It is worth thinking about restricting meat in cases when a man has problems with the pancreas – for example, pancreatitis.

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TOP 10 Myths about Potency
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