10 facts about human body

human body

Interesting facts about the human body that you may not have known. Our body is a perfect machine that makes thousands of processes every minute, while, for example, we are reading this article. Moreover, most of them we do not even suspect.

Findinterestingfacts.com has collected some incredible facts about our body that will definitely surprise you:

  1. You cannot sneeze with your eyes open. During sneezing, all the processes in your body stop for a second. The speed of the sneeze spreading is 100 mph (161 km / h).
  2. You have as many bacteria in your mouth as people inhabit the planet Earth. Sometimes there can be even more! When a man kisses his girlfriend, he has much more chances of catching any nasty things than during friendly kiss with your favorite dog. The dog’s mouth has fewer dangerous bacteria. But of course kissing with a pretty girl is more pleasant!
  3. Your hair-spring can sustain the weight of an apple. The scientists do not specify the size of the apple. If you collect all the eyelashes that you lost in your life, and put them in a chain, it will be at least 1,100 inches (30 meters). Your hair (I mean, on your head) live from 4 to 6 years. If a man stop shaving, his beard can grow up to 354 inches (9 meters). There are much more minerals, zinc and copper in the hair of smart people than in hair of stupid not very clever ones. The length of hair that you can theoretically grow over a lifetime is 450 miles (725 km). Your hair is 5,000 times thicker than the walls of the soap bubble and 20 times thicker than the cobweb.
  4. Your tongue patterns are absolutely unique, remember this when you show it to bad people! By the way, the tongue is the strongest muscle of your body. And not what you thought of proudly. Men have much less taste buds on their tongues than girls do. Therefore, they adore ketchup and mayonnaise and do not take offense at it :) White coating on the tongue that you see in the morning is not much as cells which died during the night.
  5. The mucous coat of your stomach is renewed every 3 days. Besides, there is so much acid in your digestive system that you can easily digest an iron nail. However, we do not recommend experimenting – just take my word for it!
  6. In the morning, you are always higher than in the evening – because the spine is compressed during walking under the weight of the body, and straightens at night.
  7. Your brain becomes lighter every year as you age. In addition, most of your brain consists of water. There are 100,000 chemical reactions per second in your brain. Your brain generates much more electrical impulses during the day than all the phones in the world.
  8. The average human produces about a liter of saliva daily. Some of the scientists believe that all saliva, which you have produce over the course of your life, can fill two pools (better it will be water).
  9. During the day you let out about a liter of gases, in 2 variations – in burp or in a fart, as scientists have found out.
  10. Scientists warn that most diets for weight loss can shorten your life for several years. Are you fond of starvation? It’s a good thing, but do not starve more than 1 day – otherwise, you may have permanent headaches, weakness and lethargy. In addition, fasting is harmful for diabetics and those who suffer from heart diseases.

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If you read a three-page book, your eyes overcome the distance of 0.6 ml (1 km)!

You make about 23 thousand breaths during the day.

The average time during which humans fall asleep is 7 minutes.

The liver most actively decomposes alcohol between 18:00 and 20:00.

There are not 4, but 29 blood groups. The rarest of them belongs to the Bombay subgroup in Japan.

During the night you see at least 7 dreams. If you are tormented by nightmares, you may feel cold during sleep. The scientific fact is that the colder in the bedroom, the more chances to see a bad dream.

Your ears grow throughout your lifetime with an eerie speed – by 0.0087 inches (0.22 millimeters) a year.

Nails on your hands grow 4 times faster than on your feet.

During a day your blood overcomes the distance of  11,8061 ml (19,312 km).

Each 20th human being has an extra rib.

Your entire skin weighs about 3 kg (6,6 lbs). Do not ask us, how scientists have found out about this!

The size of your heart is about the size of your own fist. Your heart makes 35 million beats per year.

The speed of messages that enter your brain is 220 mph (360 km / h)! That is a good news for the fastest human, who runs with a speed of sound ;)

It takes your eyes about an hour to get used to the dark. After that, the eyes become 100 thousand times more sensitive to light.

Women blink 2 times more often than men. About 5 years of life we spend on blinking. Fortunately, simultaneously with blinking, you can do many other things.

Every day, you lose 2 billion skin cells, every year – 4,4 lbs (2 kg). And your mother still wonders why you are so thin :)

The phenomenon when a human being eats inedible objects, such as swords, stones, spoons, glass, etc., is called polyphagia. Small objects leave the body with feces, and large ones remain until they start harassing the owner. True sword-swallers actually swallow swords, this is proven by X-rays. The length of the sword is about 24 inches (62 cm).

You can distinguish up to 10 million different colors. People just do not want to invent and remember all these names.

The world record for a breath holding is 7.5 minutes. Most people can hold their breath for just a minute.

Ancient Egyptian Aesculapius used litter pelicans and urine hippos to treat their patients, and the ancient Greek doctors made syringes from the bladder of animals and bird feathers.

Once you were a simple cell – at the very beginning of your mother’s pregnancy. Cellular existence lasted about 30 minutes. And then all these traffic jams, problems, taxes began …

Within a day your organism produces about 34 oz (1) of bile.

You can stay awake for 10 days – then nothing good will happen. A human being, deprived of sleep for a long time, suffers from hallucinations and seizures, after which he dies in agony. So it goes.

Your stomach can hold about 135 ounces (4 liters) of partially digested food.

You can not believe it, but the web really stops bleeding. It is a pity that it is not always around.

The length of your intestines is 3,3 ft (9 m). That’s what you have to measure!

About 10% of the world’s population is left-handed. Left-handed boys are 1.5 times more common than left-handed girls.

If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, then for a year you drink about half a cup of resin.

When you smile, 17 facial muscles work at once. While crying – 43. Do not cry! You will facepump too much.

You were born without kneecaps, like all children. Cups appear only at the age of from 2 to 6 years old.

Each finger bends about 25 million times throughout life.

The human heart weighs 8-9 ounces (220-260 g).

You have 2 million sweat glands. With every liter of sweat, you lose 540 calories. In general, men sweat more than women (up to 40%).

Do you have blue eyes? Hence, you are more sensitive to pain than those who eyes of another color.

There are 4 minerals in your organism: apatite, calcite, aragonite and cristobalite.

One square centimeter (0,155 square inch) of your skin has about a hundred painful points.

When you hit your head against a wall, you lose about 150 calories per hour. Here it is – the most reliable or stupid way to lose weight!

99% of all calcium in the organism is located in the teeth. By hardness, the enamel of your teeth can be compared to quartz.

Within a day the human body can emit as much heat as it takes to bring to a boil 8 gallons (30 liters) of cold water. So let them turn off the hot water, as much as they want!

Twenty years out of sixty you spend in a dream. Life is a dream!

Your fingerprints formed as early as in the 3rd month of the fetus development. As you understand, in the womb.

Your belly button is scientifically called umbilicus. Excellent nickname for the cat, by the way. Enjoy! We give you this name for nothing :)

Your fat is enough for 7 bars of soap. At least. Plus we can heat water! We are just some kind of a bath-laundry complex.

Among the various phobias suffered by our contemporaries there are some strange ones, like Pope – phobia (fear of the Pope) and parthenophobia (fear of virgins). We do not even know what’s worse!

Your DNA contains about 80 thousand genes.

The total length of the nerves of our body is 47 miles (75 km).

Crummy women give birth to intelligent children. So forbid your girlfriend beating her head against the wall!

The most common food allergy in the world is an allergy to cow’s milk. Laughter weakens allergic reactions. It is a pity that when we are allergic, we usually can’t enjoy laughing!

Tropical malaria took the life of half of humanity.

The stomach uses hydrochloric acid for digesting food.

Your ears and nose grow throughout life.

The skin on your eyelids is 0.02 inch (0.5 mm) thick like a hair-spring.

Your body contains as much chlorine as there are enough to disinfect 5 pools (2 of which, apparently, are filled with your own saliva).

The temperature of the ears is always below the body temperature by 1.5-2 degrees.

The growth of your nails and hair is most active from 4 to 6 p.m.

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10 facts about human body