Interesting Facts about Boxing that Few People Know


In the world except boxing there are many types of martial arts, each of which is a priori unique and worthy of respect and reverence. However, among all the martial arts, there is one that, in my personal opinion, will always remain at the top and, as you may have guessed, this is His Majesty boxing.

This sport is a “classic”, it is similar to an expensive men’s suit, a good cigar or a 20-year-old whiskey. In this post we will talk about some facts about boxing that only few people know. Let us do it:

1. The art of fist fighting (boxing) appeared BC

In the modern world, many people think that the British inbented this kind of sports. Howeever, archaeological excavations suggest the opposite.

Archeologists found some images of fisticuffs in ancient Egypt and among the Sumerians

2. “Father” of modern boxing is John Broughton

The Englishman John Broughton was the first person in the world who documented boxing rules, then “fisticuffs according to the rules of the London prize ring”. He invented and adopted them in 1743.

3. There was a strict ban on fights in the ring in the USA for a long time

It would seem strange for the democracy, but the fact remains. U.S. authorities have banned public fights until 1900. But despite this, boxing in America was actively developing. Meanwhile, some people constantly organized underground fights.

4. Tyson earned the fastest $ 20 million in 2 minutes of battle

The fight took place in 1988. Mike Tyson met in the ring with Michael Spinks and sent him to the floor 2 minutes after the start of the fight.

5. The most expensive fight in the boxing history

The most expensive fight in the boxing history took place on May 3, 2015. Two legends met in the ring: Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Floyd won by unanimous decision. His fee was $ 120 million. Manny received $ 80 million for the fight.

6. 44 knockouts in a row

The holder of this unique record is boxer Lamar Clark. In total, an American professional boxer spent 47 fights and suffered only three defeats. The champion spent his last fight on April 19, 1961 against the legendary Muhammad Ali. The latter knocked out Clark in the second round, breaking his nose.

7. The tallest boxer, a real giant

Goge Meath is considered the highest boxer in the history of this sport. His height was 7,3 feet (2.23 m). For comparison, the height of the Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev is 7,2 feet (2.212 m).

8. A promoter who has played out over 500 championship belts

The most famous organizer of champion boxing matches is Dong King. This famous guy organized more than five hundred champion fights. True, this particular promoter is also considered the most “dirty” one.

Dong King fraudulently broke down careers and robbed talented boxers, including the notorious Mike Tyson and the infamous Gerald McClellan

9. The longest battle lasted more than 7 hours

American boxers Andy Bowen and Jack Burke spent the largest number of rounds and time in the ring. This spectacular and merciless battle took place in 1893.

10. Among the champions of boxing professionals, Max Schleming lived the longest, the fighter died at the age of 99

The full name of the boxer is Maximilian Adolf Otto Siegfried Schmeling, but the whole world called him Max Schmeling. It is noteworthy that this fighter until 2007 was the only German professional boxer who won the title of world super heavyweight champion.

11. Not a single knockdown in 18 years of the professional career

David Tua is a unique boxer, since during his long and very successful career he has never been knocked down

12. World Champion at 46

Bernard Hopkins loved boxing so much that he continued to box despite his 46 years old. And this did not stop him from becoming the world champion in one of the most prestigious versions.

13. There are more than a hundred feature films about boxing in the world

The fact that more than a hundred full-length films have been shot about boxing confirms the popularity of this sport, which I spoke about at the beginning of the article.

14. The shortest boxing match lasted 4 seconds

It took Michael Collins and Pat Brownson 4 seconds to identify the fittest. Michael won, and this fight got to a list of the book of Guinness World Records.

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Interesting Facts about Boxing that Few People Know
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