10 interesting facts about bodybuilding


Have you ever wondered how long has bodybuilding been around? This sport has existed for over 115 years. Since 2000, bodybuilders have even been actively trying to include bodybuilding in the Olympic Games, but so far this idea has not been crowned with success.

It is highly likely that this will change in the nearest future. The term “bodybuilding” is familiar to anyone. But let’s talk more about this incredible kind of sports. Today we are going to take a look at some interesting facts about bodybuilding. We hope that these facts will please you and will slightly expand your knowledge in this fascinating area.

This sport began its long journey more than 115 years ago, in a circus

We all know about strongmen who easily lift dumbbells and any weights. They raised their horses and sat down without any difficulty, holding the animal above them.

Strongmen Friedrich Müller, or under the pseudo name Eugen Sandow, became the person who decided that bodybuilding is a great workout for the body.

Later on, half-German and half-Russian promoted this discipline to the utmost extent around the world.

Prussian athlete Eugen Sandow created a physical culture studio

Today we may know such studios under a different name – they are gyms. Moreover, the athlete was able to organize a bodybuilding championship. Therefore, the first competition took place in 1901. Sandow also began to produce Sandow ammunition, which is very popular in the modern world.

If we talk about simulators, then they appeared already in the 18th century

However, they were not intended for sports, but for medical purposes. In 1854, Wilhelm Zander rented an entire gym for these machines. It was created for medical purposes. It’s worth noting that there were not such common today fitness equipment as the treadmills and power frames.

When simulators appeared, the members of the royal family became interested in the machines

They started importing them. Since the royal family is interested in such products, it is not surprising that other representatives of the high society also wanted them.

A little later, they began to make special bandages, belts, gloves and other accessories for bodybuilding

At first, people wore all these accessories day and night. Nonetheless, later they realized that it was better using them when training, because this would help to avoid injuries.

Now let’s talk about the person who owns the largest biceps in the world

This lucky one turned out to be Denis Sester. If he does not warm up, then his biceps will have a volume of 31 inches (77.8 cm)!

By the way, when bodybuilders appeared, the directors immediately became interested in them

After all, the bodies of bodybuilders look very attractive. Think of Arnold Schwarzenegger – this is one of the most famous bodybuilders in the whole world. In addition, Schwarzenegger became the first bodybuilder to star in a movie.

The most honorable title in bodybuilding is “Mr. Olympia”

The first person who was able to receive such a title is Larry Scott. He received this title in 1965. After him, another athlete, Lee Haney, got this incredible title 28 times in a row. The record was only broken after 14 years. He was beaten by Ronnie Coleman.

Dorian Yates was able to win this discipline as many as 6 times

This athlete decided to go in for bodybuilding for one reason only – he was behind bars too often. Franco Colombo won twice in this discipline. Today he is the best inflator of medical heating pads in the world. In the USSR, they began to compete in bodybuilding in 1948.

The oldest bodybuilder to date is Tsutomu Tohsaka from Japan

Today this Japanese is already 74 years old. As for women, the oldest bodybuilder is Ernestina Shepard from America. She is 70 years old.

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10 interesting facts about bodybuilding
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