20 Interesting Facts about Sports


Naturally, the main motivation of people who play sports is to strengthen their health and their own immunity. True, for most professional athletes, sport is also a desire to be better than rivals, to constantly move forward.

Cutting-edge developments provide the process of development and progression of sports themselves. Almost every Olympic Games and World Championships makes records regularly updated. Of course, there are a lot of curious and interesting in the life of athletes, cases that remain forever in the memory of sports fans. Today we will talk about some of the most remembered of them.

1. In the XIX century, the inhabitants of the United States of America became addicted to the game of balls, which required knocking down 9 pins. It became so popular that Americans began to bet on winners. As a result, the authorities banned it. However, after adding another pin and renaming the bowling game, tournaments were still allowed.

2. The youngest hockey player to score 50 goals and 100 or more points during the NHL season was Wayne Gretzky, 19. This happened in the 79-80 years of the previous century.

3. There is an opinion that in professional judo there are 10 danes, but it is a delusion. In fact, there are 12 of them. True, only one person became the owner of the twelfth dan in the entire history of the competition was Dzhigaro Kano. However, in fact, he was the founder of this kind of sports.

The Japanese goalkeeper Tanaka Hoim was the first goalkeeper who weared a hockey mask

5. The maximum flight speed of a volleyball is 80 miles per hour (130 kilometers per hour), and a hockey puck is 100 miles per hour (160 kilometers per hour).

6. Hockey players who win the Stanley Cup receive only the copy of the trophy. The original has its special place in the Hockey Hall of Fame, located in Toronto, Canada.

7. In the entire history of the Vatican’s national soccer team, it only played one match against Monaco’s soccer team, ending in a 0-0 draw.

8. In the national championship of the Vatican, teams had such names as: “Library”, “Bank”, “The National Team of Museums”, “Telemail”, “Guards”. Apparently, they have the name of the place of official working place of the players.

9. Bowling professionals do not advise players to send the ball to hit the pins with maximum force. The fact is that for a drop in the size of a pin, a deviation of seven and a half degrees is enough.

During the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, athletes used to play being completely naked

11. According to the rules of horse racing, the name of horses should not exceed 18 characters, because it is too difficult for bookmakers to write down long names.

12. The peak of the fall in the popularity of snooker billiards came in the middle of the 20th century. After the color TVs appeared in the homes of the Americans, the broadcasts for this sport resumed.

Boxing became a legal and official kind of sports only in 1900

14. The white powder that gymnasts smear their hands with is magnesia powder. It removes the slightest traces of moisture from the hands, which can lead to a fall from the projectile, and makes it easier to slip, making it easier for gymnasts to spin on the bars or the crossbar.

15. Brazil is the only country that participated in all the World Cup football matches.

16. There are special speakers built into the pool underwater in order to hear the music for performing synchronized swimmers. French synchronist Margot Chretien said about this fact: “The sound, of course, is not like in the headphones, but everything is normally audible.”

17. The five Olympic rings symbolize the unity of the five continents, although not one of them is a symbol of any particular continent. The organizators chose the colors of the rings: blue, red, yellow, green, black, as the most common on the flags of the states of the world.

18. Back in 1932, an athlete from Poland Stanislava Valasevich conquered a hundred-meter race. Only in 1980 after her death, an autopsy showed that Stanislava Valasevich used to be a man. She used to have male genitals, although the chromosome set in this person was both female and male.

The fastest person is Usain Bolt from Jamaica

In 2009, he set world records: he ran a hundred meters in 9.58 seconds, and a distance of two hundred meters in 19.19 seconds.

20. Modern pentathlon is a sport dating back to 19th century military training. In fact, it recreates the situations that an officer had to face, delivering a message to the commander through the ranks of the enemy. It includes horse racing, shooting, fencing, swimming and running.

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20 Interesting Facts about Sports
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