Teqball is a new popular sport


What do we get if we mix table tennis and soccer, spiced with a pinch of technology? It will be Teqball, a new addictive sport that is becoming more popular every day. This sport includes a ball bouncing between players and an unusual table designed specifically to keep things fair.

Let’s find out more about this unusual sport

Humanity has invented hundreds of ball games throughout its history. Some of them are gathering huge stadiums and catching the attention of millions of fans on TV screens. However, some are just taking their first steps.

Teqball is the brainchild of two Hungarian friends Gábor Borsányi and Viktor Huszár. Gabor is a former professional soccer player and Victor is a programmer and computer scientist who loves soccer. Gabor was responsible for the sporting nuances, while Victor was involved in the scientific side of the project.

Both soccer enthusiasts Gabor and Victor have high expectations for their project. They hope that someday Teqball will become an Olympic sport. Now you can pre-order by investing $ 300 or more in their Kickstarter campaign.

To play Teqball you need a Teqboard (special table) and a ball. According to the official website, a Teqboard is a sports equipment very similar to a table-tennis table. Although the designer made it holding in mind the laws of mathematics and physics. Therefore, the ball will bounce off any point on the table, making it easy to reach and keep under control.

The “net” in the center of the table is made of polycarbonate and plexiglass, which guarantees an honest ball bounce. Thanks to the unique design of the Teqboard, the only thing that matters in the game is talent, there is no place for luck. Players use a regular soccer ball for the game. The fifth size ball is considered officially recommended.

The rules are quite simple

Each player gets three touches per game, you cannot touch the ball with the same part of your body twice in a row. Meanwhile, you also cannot touch your opponent or equipment.

You can play one on one or two on two, in the second case, the ball in each game must be passed to a teammate. There are both men’s and women’s teams and even mixed ones.

A player can use any part of the body, but the pitch must not go beyond the pitch line. The ball must not hit the corner of the Teqboard, and players must also not go to the opponent’s side.

The match consists of sets of up to 12 points earned, the service side changes after 4 attempts. The key to success is winning two sets.
Teqball is already very popular in the homeland of the creators. The game was adopted by the academy of the country’s most popular club – “Ferencvaros”.

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International level of Teqball

According to the management, Teqball helps young footballers to hone their technique. Professional football clubs are not far behind. The Brazilian national team, in preparation for the 2018 World Cup, officially included the Teqball games in the training program. Later, Chelsea London, Shakhtar Donetsk and other teams joined the newfangled trend.

The International Tekball Federation (there is one) is serious about promoting a new sport. World football stars Ronaldinho, Luis Figo, Robert Pires, Christian Carambet, Carles Puyol and even royals like Prince Albert II of Monaco were the “ambassadors” of the new game at different times. In 2017, Hungary hosted the first Teqball World Championship with teams from 20 different countries.

A year later, the number of participants has doubled, which indicates a huge increase in the passion for this sport. The exciting game has already been officially recognized by the Asian Olympic Council. It is also likely to be included in the 2022 Asian Games. The founders plan to introduce it in the Olympic games by 2024.

Teqball is a very dynamic and addicting game. Thanks to the unique equipment, there is practically no place for luck and chance, only skill and careful preparation. The game is contactless and there are almost no injuries. However, there are more than fantastic tricks, irrepressible energy, emotions and excitement. Teqball is a highly addictive sport and the number of its fans around the world will only grow with time.

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Teqball is a new popular sport
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