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Since the beginning of time the beard has been a sign of masculinity, giving men a certain charm and brutality. A strong half of humanity throughout the history has worn a beard, which caused a double attitude from the opposite sex.

Some women have seen this as a certain attractiveness; others still think that the facial hair is quite disgusting. In all fairness, a lot of people noted that wearing a beard carries more practical than aesthetic functions. Although some may find this statement quite doubtful.

1. You Can Have Beard Transplantation

Approximately 55% of men on the planet wear beards

Perhaps there would be much more if the facial hair grew equally well for everyone. Luckily, modern technology now allows to have a beard for those whom nature has endowed with scanty facial hair.

This is done by transplanting hair follicles from places where there is a thick hair distribution. For example, from the head. This pleasure costs about 4 thousand dollars. According to data, from 2008 to 2013, the popularity of the procedure has grown by 600%.

2. Facial hair Has its Own Terminology

The process of growing a beard (as well as mustaches and sideburns) has its own name, which is pogonotrophy. It comes from the word “epaulette” (“beard”) and has a literal translation from Greek as “beard nutrition.”

Pogonology is the science that studies male facial

The pogonologist is the specialist in this area. The pogonotomy (trimming) is the care procedure. Hirsutism is pathological beard growing which means that excessive hair grows on the face where hair is normally absent or minimal.

3. The Most Beautiful 10-day Stubble

According to the recent study of the Evolution and Ecology Center, it turned out that the most attractive is 5-, maximum – 10-day stubble on the face. The older unshaven makes the appearance of men untidy, and the density – more good-natured and less brutal. Thus, to make it more attractive, you need to comb the 10-day stubble, and cut it a little the next day. Of course it is better to address barbershop professionals for this.

4. Beard Has its own Record Holders

The absolute record holder of the longest beard (more than 16 feet or 5 meters) is a resident of Norway, Hans Langset. He set this fascinating record in the 20s of the XX century.

Among our contemporaries, the Indian Hamsher Singh is the man with the longest beard in the world

In 1997, he entered the Guinness Book with his facial hair 6 feet (1.83 m) long.

Almost all men, regardless of religious beliefs, decided to trim their beards at least occasionally. Therefore if they do not do this, in theory it can grow over 26 feet (8 meters) in length, but in real life it rarely exceeds 5 feet (1.5 m).

5. Facial hair Saves from Diseases

Men can handle their facial hair as they prefer to, but this does not negate the fact that the beard saves the body from disease. A lot of irritants that cause allergies are floating in the air just right now. Therefore, the beard acts as a kind of filter to prevent them from getting on the skin, the mucous membrane of the oral and nasal cavities, as well as in the organs of the respiratory system. The density covering the neck saves from hypothermia and colds, increasing body temperature in the cervical and thoracic regions.

6. Beard Had a Special Status for the Ancient Egyptians

In the Ancient Egyptian empire, the beard was a privilege exclusively of the upper class

People in the highest society did not only grow the facial face in a special style, but also decorated it with henna, woven gold threads.

If you look at the burials of the pharaohs, you would see on all the mummies a metal beard-pad attached to the head with ribbons, which indicated the status of the deceased. The ancient Egyptians used this trick also on women. For example, you can find it on Hatshepsut. Moreover, people used this special pad in burials for 14 centuries.

7. Facial hair Protects the Skin

Men who hate their freckles, scars, moles and other catchy signs on their faces can hide them by growing a beard. In addition, the facial hair protects the face from 95% of solar radiation, thereby saving skin cancer and slowing down the aging process.

Scientists say that bearded men get harmful irradiation by the scorching sun only by a third, unlike their smoothly shaved counterparts.

The absence of shaving automatically protects skin from cuts and damage, eliminating irritation, hair ingrowth and acne

8. Beard Speaks about the Status

Scientists conducted a study, the results of which showed that bearded people look older than their years. This means they cause some respect from younger generations. The level of respect directly speaks of the status of a person in society. Smooth-shaven men are deprived of such privileges.

Nevertheless science have not confirmed this hypothesis so far, but in real life this is how it is.

Since ancient times, and for many centuries, a beard was a sign of high status in society

In addition, it protected the face from many natural factors and terrified the enemies.

9. Facial hair is an Individual Sign of a Person

Cats have 24 whiskers, dogs have 40 whiskers, and men have about 30 thousand hairs on their faces. Mustache and sideburns are also a special part of the beard, as they are with it in the same area of the face.

About 75% of the stronger sex shave every day, making from 100 to 600 movements

Throughout the whole life, the average man shaves from 900 to 3 thousand times, which is quite impressive.

10. Beard is Useful

An action called No Shave November (Movember) is widespread in the world, urging the male half of humanity to a better lifestyle. November for some men and women is the month of refusing to shave and waxing as a preventive measure against cancer of the skin and prostate, mental disorders and other ailments.

Charity funds get all the money saved on razor purchases, visits to spas and hairdressers as donations. About 5 million people participate in the action, who, starting in 2003, managed to raise more than $ 650 million and finance about a thousand important medical projects.

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