Black Lives Matter Facts

Black lives matter

The hashtag Black Lives Matter has flooded the internet during this month. Social networks drowned in black squares, words of support and calls to action.

The unlawful murder of African American George Floyd on May 25 gave rise to one of the most massive movements in support of the black population around the world. Even the threat of coronavirus could not stop millions from taking to the streets to stop discrimination once and for all.

Black Lives Matter is not just a hashtag, it is a slogan of the same name movement, which is now the right time to get to know it.

1. The movement already has a story

Although it reached its peak of popularity only last month, the movement was formed back in 2013. The reason was the assassination seventeen-year-old Traivon Martin in February 2012. George Zimmerman killed him for the fact that he allegedly had no place in the “white quarter”.

The indignation did not even provoke the attack on the unarmed black boy, but the fact that Zimmermann was acquitted in court. Then one of the founders of the movement, Patrice Kullors, came up with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. She also became the co-founder of Opal Tometi, created a website and social media accounts to support the idea.

The hashtag began to spread rapidly and entered global trends in 2014

It happened after rallies in Missouri when two more blacks, Michael Brown and Eric Garner, were unjustly killed.

2. Organization transcends US borders

2016 is the year of creation the Black Lives Matter Global Network. The main international centers of the movement are Australia, Great Britain, Canada and New Zealand. The largest English-speaking countries stand against the black people discrimination as well as in the United States people do.

Now almost the whole world has become the epicenter of the fight against racism

Therefore, almost all countries have shown their indifference to the problem.

Most likely, when the events of recent days are on the decline, the organization will be able to “take root” not only in English-speaking countries. It will cover at least the whole Europe.

3. They want equality in everything

Although the Black Lives Matter can be called an organization, it does not have a formal hierarchy or leadership. It exists due to the solidarity of localized groups united by one idea.

Everyone can create their own small formation, which will become a link in the anti-racist system. At the same time, the movement has its own website, which is maintained by employees working for donations. But since the organization is homogeneous and does not have a governing elite, they are as equal members as any other. This concerns even a little noticeable participant.

4. They fight against racism and pessimism

The main ideology of Black Lives Matter consists of thirteen points, detailed on the organization’s website.

Their main goal can be called the liberation of the black population from social stereotypes and cruelty

The goal is quite global and there is a long way to go.

So far, their main task, rather, is to create a cohesive group, or even a family, as they call it themselves. The “family” would always have an atmosphere of acceptance, it would be good for everyone, regardless of age, gender and social status.

Such an ideology may seem overly idealistic. However, such childish optimism has not yet prevented the movement from achieving serious results over its short period of existence.

5. The Black Lives Matter organisarion has more work than it might seem

Confronting police brutality is only part of the organization’s continuous work. Black Lives Matter unite people around the world, spreading their black history, culture and values.

This organisation has annual meetings, creates petitions and open new foundations. Most of the work is in the fight against discrimination. Every year, participants collect donations that are used to make a bail in court and release illegally convicted African Americans.

The organization has provided many coloured people with jobs and free education

6. The Looters

Protests in the United States turned into real riots from peaceful rallies. However, Black Lives Matter is a peaceful organization calling for an end to all forms of cruelty.

There is not a word on their official website and on social networks that violence must be answered with violence. Responsibility for such a revolutionary approach lies with the “looters”. So many people decided to take advantage of the situation. Therefore, these looters moved on to illegal methods of restoring order, such as fights, thefts and vandalism.

Some of them are completely indifferent to the essence of the protests and take advantage of the situation, robbing shops with impunity for their own benefit. Moreover, they are agitating crowds to join them. Law enforcement agencies and the organization itself are unable to regulate the actions of the multimillion-dollar mass of protesters. Although they are attempting to stop arbitrariness.

7. #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter?

The slogan of movement at one time caused a wave of discontent.

Why are only black lives important?

Is it not a discrimination against whites? However, the essence of this motto is not that black lives are more important than the others are.

Rather, you need to look at it, as “black lives are important too.” The American observer Arthur Chu in his Twitter account explained it this way: “Replacing #BlackLivesMatter with #AllLivesMatter is like seeing a charitable foundation for cancer patients and saying:“ But there are other diseases as well. ” Yes there is, but cancer is important too.

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Black Lives Matter Facts
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